Friends Bulletin - September 1977

Table of Contents
Article Author(s) Page
Religious Education Richard W. Sanders 1
Quaker Goals in Religious Education Robert R. Schutz 2
Roots (Letter) Laurel Phillipson 2
The Religious Education Committee-CPQM 2
Note Well-Please Robert R. Schutz 2
Older Friends Want Home: Survey of Older Friends-Report Number One Elizabeth Gustafson 3
Hunger in Berkeley (Letter) Maude Powell 4
News of Meetings 5
Thee and Me Colleen Wells 6
Answering that of God Jeanne Etter 8
One Mother's Reflections Constance S. Jolly 8
A Quest fro Quaker Stories Chuck Fager 9
Letters: Help-Ummers Unlimited-The Aging Eye 11
Memorial-Francis E. Dart and Ruth Stanley Schoolder 12