Friends Bulletin - September 1967

Table of Contents
Article Author(s) Page
Epistle from the Twenty-First Session PYM of the Religious Society of Friends Madge T. Seaver 1
To Friends Everywhere Ken Lynd 1
To Friends Everywhere from The Pacific Yearly Meeting Young Friends Helen Dart 1
From the Records of the General Sessions 2
The State of the Society 2
Friends Committee on National Legislation 3
Peace Committee 3
Of the Friends World Conference 3
Memorials 3
The First Twenty Years of Pacific Yearly Meeting 4
Friends Conferenc on Race Relations 4
Vistors to Yearly Meeting 4
From the Minutes of Decision 4
Medical Aid for Vietnam 5
The Disipline Committee 6
The Clerk's Closing Minute Madge T. Seaver, Richard Manners 6
Meetings of Pacific Yearly Meeting 7
1967 Register-PYM 10
Pacific Yearly Meeting Appointments 14
Treasurer's Report 16
Budget for 1967-68 16
Expenditures or Appropriations 16
Black Power-White Power-Shared Power-A Message from teh 1967 National Conferenc of Friends on Race Relations 17
Reflections on the American Friends Service Committee Anna Brinton 18
What of Life (Poem) Jeannene Dewey 20