Friends Bulletin - October-November 1958

Table of Contents
Article Author(s) Page
Pacific Yearly Meeting Epistle 1958 Catherine Bruner 1
Young Friendds Epistle 1958 Susan Freedman, George Millikan 1
Robert L. Simkin Elinor Ashkenzy 1
From Friends in Lebanon Philip Manesseh 2
Problems and Humors 2
Proposed Queries Ferner Nuhn 3
My is a Kinder Eubanks Carsner 4
Peace through Non-Violence Winifred M. Clark 5
Northwest Half-Yearly Meeting Esther Richards 5
Before Bad Pyrmont 5
Secretary's Report 6
News From Here and There 6
Letter to the Editor Connie Berry 7
God Grants to Man Enlightened Mary K. Andrews 7
Bigelow Statement 7