Friends Bulletin - October 1998

Table of Contents
Article Author(s) Page
Answering Hate with Love: 25
From the Editor: The Extraordinary Ministry of Ordinary People Anthony Manousos 26
Weaving a Tapestry of Peace in Southern Africa and Among Friends 27
Threads in the Quaker Tapestry of Peace and Reconciliation 29
Responding to Racist Remarks 30
Blood Brothers (Poem) Dmitri Mihalas 31
Friends Protest Aryan Nation Parade Anthony Manousos 32
North Pacific Yearly Meeting Minute on Enviromental Concerns 33
North Pacific Yearly Meeting Epistles 35
Bringing Quaker and AFSC Youth Together in Quest for Peace Alisa Bieber 38
Vital Statistics 39
Calendar 39
Friendly News 40
Memorial Minutes 41
Advertisements 43
Quaker Service: Renewing Our Committment to the Future-new Quaker Service Website 44
The New Online Directory of Western Quaker Meetings and Organizations 44