Friends Bulletin - October 1967

Table of Contents
Article Author(s) Page
Fourth World Conference of Friends John A. Sullivan 1
The Relation of the Individual and the State Margaret Brooks 2
Two Statements on Protest and Direct Action 3
On Starting on Our Own Room 3
The Human Race is one and Indivisible . . . Harry Bailey, Lois Bailey 4
From the Round Tables-Sharing the World's Resources Ward Miles 5
One Bead (Poem) Eubanks Carsner 5
Friends Witness in Our times Protest and Direct Action Marian B. Hodge 6
Changing Family Patterns Ellen Hubbe 7
Practice of the Presence-Nurturing the Spiritual Life Hazel Legge 7
Friends' Ecumenicity Catherine Bruner 7
Fine Arts Among Friends Charles W. Cooper 8
Among the Gathering Gretchen Tuthill 9
Nine Observers were Welcomed John A. Sullivan 10
Weekend Visit Mildred Burck 11
The Greensboro Gathering David K. Bruner 11
We took Sweet Counsel Together and Walked Unto the House of God in Company Ward Miles 12
The Fourth Friends World Conference Clifford Maser 12
Report to Westwood Meeting Norman Scotney 13
Notes from Here and There 13
I Love (Poem) Don Pollard 14