Friends Bulletin - November 2007

Table of Contents
Article Author(s) Page
Editorial: An Experimental Yearly Meeting Anthony Manousos 2
Unity with Nature Committee Jamie Newton 3
Pacific Yearly Meeting Epistles 4
Minute on Climate Change Approved by PYM 5
Earthlight and the Rebirth of the Quaker Enviromental Movement in California Anthony Manousos 6
The Spirit at Work Among Pacific Yearly Meeting Friends 7
Vegetarian Friends and the Environment Kate Carpenter 8
Taking Back Jesus John Pixley 10
Perfect Peace (Poem) Daryl Belcher 11
Clerks's Minute Pacific Yearly Meeting 2007 Joe Franko 11
Pacific Yearly Meeting in Pictures 12
Epistles by Young, Junior, and Elementary PYM Friends 14
PYM Minute on FGC 16
'Peace for Earth' Walkers Coming Soon to a Meeting Near You! Supporting Ecologically Concerned Western Friends One Step at a Time Ruah Swennerfelt, Louis Cox 20
Memorial Minutes 21
Calendar 22
Classifieds 22