Friends Bulletin - November 1994

Table of Contents
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Do Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly with your God: Turning Faith into Action 37
Editorial Comments--This and That and Thank You 38
Table of Contents 39
Saying Thanks (Poem) Jeanne Lohmann 39
Righteousness and Self-Righteousness Mary Garman 40
Walking Humbly with God Marge Abbott 43
There is a Presence Which I Feel David Scofield Wilson 44
Announcements 45
AFSC-IMYM Joint Service Project San Joaquin Valley Mike Gray 46
My Visit to Casa del Migrantes Maria Zelda May 46
Letters 47
New Mexico Regional Deboarah Richards 48
Friendly News 48
Montana Gathering Jim Coates 48
Colorado Regional Randy Herrick-Stare 49
College Park Quarterly Ramona Silipo 49
Call to Conference: Affirming the Palestinian State 49
Memorial Minutes 50
Advertisements 51
Vital Statistics 51
Worship Sharing: The Women's Reading Circle (Poem) 52
Calendar 52