Friends Bulletin - November 1984

Table of Contents
Article Author(s) Page
Central America as Seen by Traveling Friends 41
Guest Editorial Floyd Schmoe 42
Friends in Zen Daniel Kjerne 48
Peace and Friendship Caravan 49
Dialogue for Peace 49
Deserter from Violence: Experimenters with Gandhi's Truth (Book Review) Ferner Nuhn 50
Canadian Yearly Meeting Mildred M. Burck 51
Friends United Meeting Ferner Nuhn 51
Announcements 52
Friendly Woman Changes Publishers 52
Dear Friends Brinton Turkle 53
Memorial Minutes 53
Christopher Beck and Company Dance/Theater 55
The AFSC 1985 Calendar 55
Flying with Marc Chagall (Poem) Jeanne Lohmann 56
Monthly and Quarterly Meetings Note 56