Friends Bulletin - November 1977

Table of Contents
Article Author(s) Page
Postmortem on the B-1 Bomber Campaign Fred Unterleitner 25
World Peace Tax Fund (Letter) Hans B. Gottlieb 26
Meeting for Worship (Poem) Jeanne Lohmann 26
Touched a Nerve from the editor Robert R. Schutz 26
Friends and World History John J. Runnings 27
Religion or Politics? (Review) Ronald Steelman 28
News of the Meetings 29
Memorial-Georges Minch Weber 29
A Concern for the Society of Friends Jack Powelson 30
A Concern for Friends Communication John A. Sullivan 31
The Politics of the Spirit Shirley Ruth 32
Which Way is Armageddon? Sally W. Bryan 33
A Friendly Clarification Kenneth E. Boulding 34
Camp Myrtlewood Gathering 35
Friends in the Orient 35
Quaker Salt on Political Activity Hberto M. Sein 36
Quakers and Politics Robert J. Heilman 37
Heresy (Letter) Paul Longstreth 38
China Gray Published 38
Political Success 39
Half Friends (letter) Marvin Gregory 40