Friends Bulletin - May 1998

Table of Contents
Article Author(s) Page
[OutInsider: A Periodical Newsletter of the John Woolman School] 11
Exploring Our Western Quaker Roots: 96
From the Editor: Exploring Our Western Quaker Roots Anthony Manousos 97
Western Friends: A History of Non-Alliance Ann C. Stever 98
Friends General Conference Minute of Purpose 99
Why Should NPYM Affiliate with Friends General Conference? Bruce Birchard 100
Why Western Friends are "Beanites" Chuck Fager 101
Lilies of the Field (Poem) Margaret Fruth 103
Report from the Front Lines in Kosovo David Hartsough 104
Friendly News 105
Who are We, and What Are We Doing Here?-A Visioning Process for Intermountain Yearly Meeting Cynthia Taylor 106
Memorial Minutes 109
Announcements 111
The Quaker Science Fiction of Joan Slonczewski A Retrospective (Book Review) Cynthia Taylor 111
Call to Intermountain Yearly Meeting 112
Calendar 113
Vital Statistics 113
Advertisements 114
Directory of Western Friends Meetings 115