Friends Bulletin - May 1977

Table of Contents
Article Author(s) Page
Perversity Incorporated! Paul Niebanck 93
Upcoming Issues Robert R. Schutz 94
All that is Necessary (Poem) Jeanne Lohmann 94
All Systems Go from the editor Robert R. Schutz 94
PYM Nominating Committee Marie Schutz 94
Locating the System Robert Piper 95
Peace Committee Report Gladis Innerst, Colleen Wells 95
Quaker Values and Economic Systems Robert R. Schutz 96
No Hope (Letter) Gene Hoffman 97
Let us Change the System Tom Hunt 98
Conference of Friends in the Americas 98
The System Sally W. Bryan 103
What Can I Do to Help Change the System? Wesley Beans 104
The Beneficent System Florence Beans 104
All Life is Dialogue John Moyer 105
News of the Meetings 105
Building a Caring Educational System Ellen Hubbe 106
North Pacific Yearly Meeting 107
Experimentally Myra Keen 108
Drivel (Letter) David Allen Munro 108