Friends Bulletin - May 1930

Table of Contents
Article Author(s) Page
Publishing Committee 1
Directory of United Meetings Anonymous 1
Foreword to the Directory 1
Notes on the History of Vine and Walnut Street Meeting--Berkeley Dr. Elizabeth W. Griscom 2
The Outlook for Quaker Unity Henry W. Sanders 2
Quaker Light Under a Bushel Henry W. Fry 3
A Friends School E. Marian Haines 3
Ralph Anderson 4
Palo Alto-Stanford Notes 4
San Jose Notes 4
Semi-Annual 4
Berkley Notes 4
A Meeting at the Golden Gate 5
Debora Otis in Memoriam Arthur Heeb 5
A London Friend 5
Debora Otis in Memoriam Arthur Heeb 5
The Hodgkin Visit 5
Light (Poem) Peter Guldbrandsen 6
Notes on the Bulletin 6
Cooperation 6
The Prayer of Faith 6
The Mooney Concern 6
A Summary of the Friends Interview the the Governor on Behalf of Thomas Mooney 7
A Visit to Warren Billings 8