Friends Bulletin - March 2007

Table of Contents
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Editorial: Quakerism is Alive and Well in Latin America and here in the Western USA Anthony Manousos 2
Casa de Los Amigos Celebrates Jubilee Bridget Moix, Nick Wright 3
Quakerism Alive and Well in Mexico Report on La Reunion General de Los Amigos en Mexico D.J. Bloom 6
Spiritual Awakening: What Does Love Require of Me Today? D.J. Bloom 7
Illusions of Security in the US and Israel Allan Solomonow 8
Peace Building in Columbia Janet Leslie, Peg Morton 11
Spiritual Practices Selected From Elizabeth Fry's Journals Judith Favor 13
News of Friends 17
A Visit to Wellspring Friends School in Eugene, Oregon William D Ravdin 18
Memorial Minutes 20
Calendar 22
Classifieds 22