Friends Bulletin - March 1998

Table of Contents
Article Author(s) Page
Friends Seeking Sophia: 57
From the Editor: Seeking Wisdom-Getting Rid of Clutter Anthony Manousos 58
Who is Sophia Cynthia Taylor 59
And Why is She Important to Friends? 59
Friends in the Orient: A Brief History Martha Dart 61
Friends Look at Abortion Jean Malcolm 63
Quaker Teens Take to the Streets to Feed the Homeless 65
Helping the Homeless: A Friendly Approach Jim Summer 65
On Silence Eileen Thorsos 66
The Importance of Friends Community Meghann Willard 67
A Silence in the Room Meghann Willard 67
Friendly News 70
Memorial Minutes 70
Archeological Dig at Orange Grove Meeting Uncovers Mysterious Treasures Gracia-Fay Ellwood 72
The Convenant Crucified: Quakers and the Rise of Capitalism (Book Review) Sue Friday 73
Calendar 74
Announcements 74
Advertisements 75
Vital Statistics 75