Friends Bulletin - March 1977

Table of Contents
Article Author(s) Page
Is Seeking Enough? Samuel R. Tyson 69
Theological Overkill (letter) John J. Runnings 70
On Membership from the Editor Robert R. Schutz 70
Values and Membership Jack Powelson 71
Letter-A Post-Centennial Thought Thomas L. Carter 71
Peace People of Belfast Snow Mountain 72
Why Friends Decline Hilary Balderston 73
Anyone Who Applies Kingsley Lawrance 74
Query for Meetings Jim Estes 74
A Nice Friendly Visit (A Fantacy) Robert Piper 75
Membership and the Testimonies John Fitz 76
Violence? (letter) Lucille S. Chawla 77
Some Thoughts of a New Quaker Walter Barnett 78
Sharing Our Faith John Standing 79
News of the Meetings 80