Friends Bulletin - June 1967

Table of Contents
Article Author(s) Page
Quakers and Ecumenicity Madge Seaver 1
Plans for Yearly Meeting 2
Yearly Meeting Notices 3
Hopes for the Friends World Conference Catherine Bruner 3
Registration for Pacific Yearly Meeting 1967 4
The Quarterly Meetings-Arizona Half-Yearly Meeting-College Park Quarterly Meeting 4
Seventh Annual Reunion of Friends in Mexico Helen Van Arx 5
Pacific Northwest Quarterly Meeting Alice Miles 5
Yearly Meeting Visitation Frieda Sherburn 6
Choices Jeanne Lohman 6
A Letter from William Penn House Robert H., Sara P. Cory 7
Esau's Lead Eubanks Carsner 7
Famine in Bihar-India 7
Willamette Quarterly Meeting Vance McDowell 7
Notes from Here and There-Announcements-News of Friends-From the Meetings-From all Quarters 8