Friends Bulletin - June 1949

Table of Contents
Article Author(s) Page
Education Issue 1
Education Queries Jean Taylor, Virginia Porter, Marguerite Wells 1
Holy Experiment E. S. 1
court News R. J. 2
This Issue E. S. 2
Pacific Yearly Meeting-Yearly Meeting Notices 3
Meetings (Palo Alto Josephine Duveneck 3
Berkeley 3
Seattle University Meeting 4
China-Shanghai Friends Centre 4
House for Hiroshima 4
College Park Association of Friends 4
C.O. News Notes 4
Peace Education and Action Workshop 5
Community Living Summer School 5
Grundtvig Folk School 5
Folk Dancing in Southern California 5
An Insititute of Peace 6
Camp Sierra 6
Earlham College and Non-Registrant Rufus M. Allen, Homer L. Morris, Raymond Stout, Charles A. Reeve 6
To the Editor 6
Life in a County Jail 6