Friends Bulletin - July-August 1998

Table of Contents
Article Author(s) Page
The Universe's Language (Poem) Aliyah Shanti 136
From the Editor: Sharing Our Light with the World Anthony Manousos 137
A Friendly Encounter with High School Students Alicia Carter 138
Desert Flowers (Poem) Dorothy Mack 139
Witnessing in the Desert Nancy Lynch 140
Weapons of Mass Destruction Discovered at Livermore Labs! Eric Moon 140
Consensus as a Tool for Peace-Building in the U.N Stephen Collett 141
The Guatemala Student Loan Project Harriet Lewis 145
Sharing Our Light Through Epistles Anne Friend 146
Friendly News 147
Memorial Minutes 149
Through My Window: More Autobiographical Sketches in Poetry and Prose (Book Review) Milena Thompson 150
Quaker Potluck (Poem) Mary Beth Webster 151
Death and Resurrection Connie Fledderjohann 151
The First Day Symphony 152
Prescription (Poem) R.W Emmons 152
Being Unconditionally Loved 152
Call to PYM-Watsonville 153
Vital Statistics 153
Calendar 153
Advertisements 154
Share Your Light with Friends Everywhere!-The Friends Directory 155