Friends Bulletin - July-August 1994

Table of Contents
Article Author(s) Page
Quakers and Education: 161
Editorial 162
Calendar 162
Table of Contents 163
IMYM Projects Coordinator Opening 163
Quaker Testimonies in the School Community Don Elton Smith 164
Public Schools Need Quaker Support Paul F. Davis 166
Religion and Religious Education Edward Borgers 167
Letter 167
A New Quaker High School Helen Park 168
Albuquerque Friends School Bez Booth McCauley 168
John Woolman School-The West Coast Quaker Secondary Boarding School Vanita Blum 169
Southern California Conference on Religion and Psychology Steve Smith 169
IMYM-AFSC Joint Service Project 169
Jill Hoyenga on Friendly Scouts Interview Gerry Hubbe 170
Friendly News 172
Southern California Conference on Religion and Psychology Bobbi Kendig 172
Pacific Northwest Diane St. Marie 172
Arizona Half-Yearly Meeting Mary Lou Coppock 173
Walking Cheerfully: The New Spirit in Southern California Quarterly Meeting Anthony Manousos 173
Memorial Minutes 174
Advertisements 175
Vital Statistics 175
The Music of Her Daily Life: Marjorie Sykes-Quaker-Gandhian Madge T. Seaver 176