Friends Bulletin - July-August 1967

Table of Contents
Article Author(s) Page
Pacific Yearly Meeting 1967: From the Clerks Madge Seaver 1
Dear Junior Friends Ken Lynd 1
Annual Reports: The State of the Society; Yearly Meeting Committees; Representatives to Friends Organizations 2
State of Society-Report of the Secretary Mildred Burck 2
Pacific Northwest QM Dulce Fry 2
College Park Quarterly Meeting Herbert Foster 3
Willamette Quarterly Meeting 3
Arizona Half-Yearly Meeting Jane Webster 4
Mexico City Monthly Meeting 4
S. California Quarterly Meeting 5
New Mexcio Quarterly Meeting Fermor Church, Sara P. Cory 5
Yearly Meeting Committees: Committee to Explore New Ways Phillip H. Wells 6
Ministry and Oversight Committee Catherine Bruner 7
Visitation Committee Gretchen H. Rudnick 7
Social Order Committee John Ullman 8
Education Committee Gerri House 8
Friends of the Orient Committee Gretchen Tuthill 9
Disipline Committee Esther Richards 10
Bulletin Committee Edward Thatcher, Alice A. Dart 10
Permanent Site Committee Bob Barns 11
Friends Committee on National Legislation Frances McAllister 11
State of the Society-Honolulu Meeting George Selser 12
PYM Contacts 12
Information on 1967 PYM 13
PYM Announcements 13
Regional News 14