Friends Bulletin - July 1977

Table of Contents
Article Author(s) Page
A Loving Religious Community Lowell Tozer 121
XV Reunion General De Los Amigos En Mexico 122
Asenath Says Please 122
Moved-New Telephones 122
The Community of Two from the editor Robert R. Schutz 122
Theology Conference 122
The Care and Feeding of Wives-Husbands and Ummers Ronald Steelman 123
What about Anger? Richard Critz 124
Luke Howard (Book Review) Myra Keen 125
New Call to Peacemaking (Book Review) Robert R. Schutz 126
Working Within a Quaker Marriage Stratton C. Jaquette 127
Memorial for Elsie Kennedy 128
Quakerism in Ferment Alfred F. Andersen 128
Preparation for Yearly Meeting Ellie Foster 129
Memorial for Woodrow Nesmith 129
Are You Making it to Freedom? Elizabeth Israel Jones 130
Children and Models William J. Bruff 131
News of Meetings 131
Ownership and Avarice (Letter) Wendal Bull 132
Rejoinder (Letter) Robert R. Schutz 132