Friends Bulletin - January-February 1979

Table of Contents
Article Author(s) Page
Friends and Nuclear Issues from the editor Shirley Ruth 74
Live without Trident 75
My Responsibility and Nuclear Power 75
On Morality and Nuclear Power Plants 78
A Nuclear Free Pacific 79
Nuclear Disarmament Action in Hawaii 79
The Struggle to Stop Nuclear Power 81
The Energy of the Safe Energy Movement 83
Judge in Nuclear Power Case Apologizes 84
Summary of the Pre-Sentence Statement by Fred Moore Before Judge Johnson 84
New Mexico Nuclear Concerns 85
The Rocky Flats Campaign 86
Announcements 88
Geneva Summer School 88
Summer Community Service in Mexico for Young People 88
Letters 88
Memorial Minutes-Mary Alma Page and Paul Brink 89
News of FWCC The Right Sharing of World Resources Ann Alexander, Will Alexander 89
News of the Meetings 90
Vital Statistics 91
Calendar 92
News from IMYM 92