Friends Bulletin - January 1984

Table of Contents
Article Author(s) Page
Port Chicago Sea Blockade Ione Roberts 81
Friends and the Economics of Christian Stewardship-from the Editor Shirley Ruth 82
Military Spending and the Economy Jack Powelson 83
Unemployment in the 80's Robert R. Schutz 85
The Feminization of Poverty 87
A Touch of the Orient Through Oriental Brush Painting Mary Margaret Bailey 89
In Context: A Journal of Humane Sustainable Culture (Book Review) Robert Schutz 91
Honduras Bans Women's Prayer Pilgrimage 91
Memorial Minutes 92
Letter 94
Calendar 95
Vital Statistics 95
Southern California Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology 95
Resources Robert Schutz 96
Partap Aggarwal from Friends Centre 96