Friends Bulletin - December 1994

Table of Contents
Article Author(s) Page
FWCC 1994 Triennial Ghost Ranch Epistle 53
Editorial Comments-It's a Small World Nancy Yarnall 54
Table of Contents 55
Triennials Don't Just Happen Overnight 55
Friends World Committee for Consultation 18th Triennial Meeting-Welcoming Statement Elizabeth Buckley 56
Reflections Robert S. Vogel 56
Truth and Light at the Triennial Emily Lewis 57
Arline Hobson's Reflections Arline Hobson 57
Interpreting the Triennial D. Pablo Stanfield 59
Malesi Kinaro Interview Nancy Yarnall 60
Creature (Poem) Christopher Kauffman 62
QYP Epistle Excerpts 62
Quaker Youth Pilgrimage (QYP)-A Scrapbook Lena Amanti 62
QYP '94-It Ruled! Becca Mohally Renk 62
Jan Stevenson's Accident Jim Cypser 63
Announcements 63
Friendly News 64
Arizona Half-Yearly Mary Lou Coppock 64
Pacific Northwest Quarter Diane St. Marie 64
A Visit to New York Yearly Meeting Todd Merkens, Greg Ferguson 65
Southern California Bobbi Kendig 65
Memorial Minutes 66
Advertisements 67
Vital Statistics 67
Peace (Poem) Laura Hershey 68
Calendar 68