Friends Bulletin - December 1977

Table of Contents
Article Author(s) Page
Wise Giving? Myra Keen 41
Anyone for Editing? Ron Steelman 42
New Year-New Subjects Robert R. Schutz 43
New Call to Peacemaking-Visitation Van Ernst 43
Untouched Robert R. Schutz 43
PYM Contributions Richard Ernst 44
PYM Finance Communication Request 45
Thank You Friends Van Ernst 45
Dorothy Phillips Robinson (Memorial) 45
Strange Bedfellows Robert R. Schutz 46
No More Ticky-Tacky Politics Ben Richmond 47
Violent Pacifists? John J. Runnings 48
The Newt in the Meeting House Hugh J. Hamilton 49
For FWCC-Your Views Please? Van Ernst 49
Contributions: Thoughts Charitable and Uncharitable Clare Millikan 50
Some Thoughts on Giving Walt Lohans 51
Ritual Murder (Letter) Ruth Flower 52
New Call-NPYM Ben Richmond, Jean Roberts 53
Friends in the Orient Leonard Dart, Martha Dart 53
Political Success Robert R. Schutz 54
Unloving Adversary (Letter) Marilee Eusebio 55
News of the Meetings 56