Friends Bulletin - December 1967

Table of Contents
Article Author(s) Page
Friends World Committee for Consultation Margaret Gibbins 1
From the Yearly Meeting-The Treasurer Robert Young 4
From the Committee on the Friend in the Orient Catherine Bruner 4
From the Friends World Committee Virginia Heck 5
From the AFSC Corporation Meeting Charles H. Ludwig 5
Let Your Lives Speak 9
On the Anti-Draft Movement Alfred F. Andersen 9
A Token of War Resistance James A. Corbett 9
Assistance to Delano Strikers Alan Strain 10
Summer Camp for Delano Children Josephine Duveneck 10
From the Quarterly Meetings Alice Miles 11
Willamette Quarterly meeting Alice A. Dart 11
Notes from Here and There 12
From All Quarters 12
Experiment in Silence 12
Notes from Here and There 12