Friends Bulletin - December 1953

Table of Contents
Article Author(s) Page
What Would I Wish? J. Stuart Innerst 1
The Redwoods Lydia H. Michener 1
Argenta Work Camp Amelia Rockwell 2
Truth 3
Visitation Peggy Church 3
Report of Treasurer Robert L. Simpkin 3
News of the Seri Project 3
Report of Bulletin Committee Esther Richards, Margaret Jump 3
News From Here and There 4
Northwest Quarterly Meeting Sarah E. Pullar 5
Friendly Concerns and Opinions Harold E. Roy, Gertrude Shinn, Peter Guldbrandsen 6
Relations with Other Faiths 6
Gandhi Film at Claremont Ferner Nuhn 6
Report from Freda Way 7