Friends Bulletin - April 1998

Table of Contents
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[Scattergood News] 11
Friendly Education: 76
From the Editor: Peacemaking and the Power of Prayer Anthony Manousos 77
How to Prevent a Future Holocaust Gene Hoffman 78
Lord of the Dance and Friends of Jewish Background Jim Harris 80
Passover, Multiculturalism and Quakers or How I came to Write a Haggadah Claire Gorfinkel 81
Apologizing to Strawberries John Dart 82
An Unusual Visitor Comes to Meeting with an Important Message Fran Ross 83
What does the Nude Torso on the Cover Mean? 84
Western Friends Schools 85
The Culture of Peace in Everyday Life Elise Boulding 86
Elise Boulding and the Art of Effective Newsletters Wendy Underhill 88
Friendly News 89
Memorial Minutes 90
For Emancipation and Education: Some Black and Quaker Efforts (Book Review) Amhara Powell 92
Announcements 93
Calendar 93
Advertisements 94
Vital Statistics 94