Friends Bulletin - April 1979

Table of Contents
Article Author(s) Page
The Experience of Religious Imagination and Friends Peace Testimony from the Editor Shirley Ruth 110
William Blake and Friends: Experience in Religious Imagination Marian Sanders 111
Mexico Friends General Meeting Corinne Hernandez 112
The Return of the Draft Paul Jolly 113
Statement on the Draft Paul Seaver 114
Letter John Fitz 115
India Journal II Mark Shepard 116
PYM Representative Committee Notes 118
A New Focus-PYM Social Order Committee Robert Schutz 119
Celebration of Discipline (Book Review) Mary Milman 120
News of Meetings 121
Willamette Quarterly Retreat Pattiebuff Bear 122
SCQM Retreat Announcement 123
Letters 123
Vital Statistics 124
Additions to Calendar 124
Job Openings 124