Friends Bulletin - April 1977

Table of Contents
Article Author(s) Page
Jr. Yearly Meeting Committee Susanna Calderon 81
The Purpose of YM Lowell Tozer 81
Friends and Education from the editor Robert R. Schutz 82
Out of the Business! Pegge Lacey 83
Quaker Education at Woolman School David S. Steward 84
Hold that Tax! (Letter) Samuel Cooper 85
The Wisdom of the Tamil People (Book Review) Matha Dart 85
To John Woolman School with Love Marianne Leppmann 86
YM Calendar Ready 87
Religion and Psychology 87
Tapes on Clerking 87
Manuel and Tom (Letter) Jack Powelson 88
Relgioius Faith and Nuclear War (letter) Hans B. Gottlieb 89
On Sharing Groups 89
Why John Woolman School (Letter) Mary L. Jorgensen 90
News of the Meetings 90
Vital Statistics 91
Memorial ( Louise Dear and Ted Freedman) 91
Four Candles (poem) Jeanne Lohmann 91
PYM Sites Committee Report Micki Graham 92