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Western Friend publishes a free email newsletter every Saturday, Extra Extra Western Friend.

This newsletter is a compilation of items that we simply pass along from a variety of other sources
(unlike our paid-subscription-based magazine, which we build from our own original content).

We use a bulk-email distribution service to publish Extra Extra Western Friend.

Future Issues


Magazine Contributions:

You can contribute ideas, articles, poems, photos, art, etc. for an upcoming issue of Western Friend by clicking on the "contact us" button in the footer of this web page. Upcoming magazines will be organized around the following themes:

Brief Biographies of Historic Quakers

If you would like to write a simple biography for Western Friend about a historic Quaker whom you admire . . .

. . . consider the biographies we've already published (below), and . . .

. . . use the "Contact Us" button in the footer of this page to let us know about your idea.

We publish a biography of about 1,000 words in the "Pages for All Ages" section of each issue of Western Friend.

Here's what we've published so far:

Books to Review for Western Friend


If you would like to review any of the books below for Western Friend . . .

. . . Or if you would like to review any other books that you think "Friends Everywhere" should read . . . Let us know via the "Contact Us" tab above. . . Book reviews for Western Friend are generally about 600 words long. You would receive a complimentary copy of any book you chose to review.


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