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Job Opening for NPYM Secretary


Applications due by September 14; Work to begin October 1.
Send to NPYM Personnel Clerk, Jane Snyder, janemwsnyder-AT-gmail-DOT-com
Please include 3 references.

Hourly pay to be determined, not to exceed 625 hours annually, billed and paid monthly.
Reports to NPYM Personnel Clerk.
Works with Webkeeper, committee clerks, Event Planner, Registrar.


Stanley Chagala Needs Help


Hi Friends,

Stanley Chagala is kindly requesting financial assistance towards his medical expenses. He was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer, and there are plans for his operation.

West Richmond Friends Meeting has set up a tax-exempt fund for raising money for his medical expenses. Stanley’s connection with the West Richmond Friends began when he moved to Richmond to study at Earlham School of Religion.

Any donor who wishes to be supportive can send a check to:

Politics is Quakerly


Dear Editor: I was led to send this message below to you because I wanted to reach out to Friends who are thinking it is "Not Quakerly" to get involved in politics. I believe that too many Friends are sitting on the sidelines (probably with signs) while their local community is looking for people to come and help them improve the lives of its residents. I want Friends to find and help to support candidates and even political parties that may be to their liking.

Choose Democracy


Dear Friends:

Please circulate this message from George Lakey:

"Democracy is fragile. We have reason to worry that this fall we may see an undemocratic power grab — a coup. We also know that the people can defend our democracy. Mass protests have stopped coups in other places, and we may have to do the same in this country.

"That’s why we are committing now to choose democracy: by voting, making sure all the votes are counted, and preparing to take the streets in the case of a coup.

Rise Up Singing in SoCal


The COVID pandemic may keep us physically apart, but it can't stop us being together online!

Annie & Peter will lead us in songs out of their songbooks Rise Up Singing and Rise Again, giving out page numbers from their books for each song. This Zoom concert will include fun interactive elements and chances to sing familiar and new songs with these premiere song leaders.


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