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Quaker Spring


What is Quaker Spring? It is a time of seeking rest and refreshment in the Lord. It is a time to experience the intimate presence of the Inward Teacher who leads us, challenges us, and opens us up to share deeply with one another, and guides us into new ways of living in Love. The next session will be on March 6 from 8 AM to 11:30 Pacific Time and will include Bible reading, worship, and fellowship.

Health Citizen Pledge


Dear Friends:

The health citizen pledge is an initiative of the Health Care Workers Hosted organization founded by Professor Mark Nichter and colleagues from University of Arizona. It calls on both individuals and organizations to promise to support Covid-19 preventive measures and to hold our institutions accountable for doing so as well.

Persistence of Bulungi Shade Tree Friends


Dear Friends:

In the past 17 months, Bulungi Tree Shade Friends Meeting experienced the killing of two members, including the head of a new worship group; the police torture of eight members; the fleeing of 40 of their members from the country, including the co-clerk; numerous beatings requiring serious hospitalization as members attempted to intervene in lynchings, and more.

Still, they persist. The following are reports from their Clerk Hellen Tanyinga, and a question and answer from me.

David Albert, Olympia Friends Meeting (2/13/2021)


Race & Retrospective Justice



Please join Katarina Karjala and Vickey Finger in our second meeting to discuss Pendle Hill Pamphlet #465 by Harold D. Weaver, Jr., Race, Systemic Violence and Retrospective Justice.

All are welcome even if you did not come to the first session.

Saturday, February 13, 2021
Two hours starting:
2:00 PM Pacific = 3:00 PM Mountain
It will be by Zoom.  
ID#414 331 8546
Passcode: Quaker402

from Ted Bordwell, Flagstaff Friends Meeting (to be 2/13/2021)


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