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Help Zoom a Yearly Meeting

A call from Friends near you!
  • Four Yearly Meetings have a new idea for Annual Sessions in 2021.
  • Have you ever been the "zoom host" in your Quaker meeting?
  • Are you curious about how "other" Quakers do things?
  • Can you give a few hours of service to "Friends Everywhere"? (Well, maybe not exactly "everywhere" . . . )
  • Join our team of "zoom hosts" for IMYM, NPYM, PacYM, and SCYMF.
  • Help during key sessions of OTHER Friends' annual sessions.

Service to the People of Myanmar



We are led to hold the people of Myanmar in the Light as they suffer arrests, detentions, and killings in connection to a military coup five weeks ago.

Protesters and soldiers alike are trapped in conflict over power issues that have erupted into violence.

Members of the Yangon Friends Meeting and individuals connected to the American Friends Service Committee's work there are reporting extreme anxiety in the country.

Join Davis Friends Meeting for a nationwide:

Mountain Friends Camp 2021


Dear Friends,

We are happy to announce that Mountain Friends Camp plans to return to Collins Lake Ranch for a 2-week session, July 10-24, 2021! We missed seeing you in person in 2020, and are looking forward to being together again this summer. The COVID-19 pandemic will require some changes as we make plans for camp. However, we know that the essence of camp-- time spent in nature and with friends-- is more important than ever this year!

Highest Common Denominator


My leading, supported by an anchor committee of my meeting (Strawberry Creek), is to help organizations, particularly faith-connected organizations, resolve conflicts, find their direction and vision, through a Quaker-inspired approach to finding unity that I have developed over the last two decades.

I invite you to attend my presentation at the monthly Dispute Resolution Roundtable Breakfast in April.


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