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Toward Right Relationship Workshops are Zooming


Friends who have experienced the “Roots of Injustice, Seeds of Change: Toward Right Relationship with Native Peoples” workshop might be surprised by this: we are now offering this participatory, experiential workshop via Zoom.

It did seem impossible back in March and April when the pandemic was new. In the Toward Right Relationship workshops, people move around quite a bit, and the movement is a key component of the mental and emotional learning that takes place. So how could we possibly accomplish our goals with everyone sitting and staring at computers?

Quaker Vigil at the Border Wall


Mahatma Gandhi said: “Mute prayer is my most powerful weapon.” In this spirit, Friends from Pima Monthly Meeting alongside myriad other friends, held Meeting for Worship just after sunrise on September 14, 2020, a stone’s throw from the new US-Mexico border wall – near Sasabe, Arizona/Sonora.

This gathering inaugurated a week-long event: “Resist The Wall: Strengthen The Spirit. Resisting Border Violence Through Interfaith Action.” On the ensuing days, we were joined by Buddhists, Unitarian Universalists, and members of the Jewish community.

Lend a Hand to Friends in Moscow


Dear Friends,

Can you lend a helping hand?

The British charity Friends House Moscow is looking for an honorary Company Secretary to help oversee our finances and admin, in collaboration with the Chair of Trustees and the Treasurer.

We need someone with a little spare time who is comfortable with spreadsheets, and would be interested to delve into the workings of an international charity operating in multiple currencies. Duties are negotiable, with no fixed time commitment. Ability to speak Russian is not required!



Dear Editor,

I am forwarding to you a message to share with Western Friend readers. I have already shared this message, as led by the Holy Spirit, with both my home meeting and with the leadership of Intermountain Yearly Meeting.

Carlos Valentin III


Dear Pima Monthly Meeting Email List Participants,

Are We Done Fighting?


Matthew Legge has written an award-winning book and leads interactive programs, both of which are called: Are We Done Fighting? Building Understanding in a World of Hate and Division.

Matthew is the Peace Program Coordinator of Canadian Friends Service Committee.

Worship for Healing


All Friends Meeting for Worship for Healing

Weekly on Thursdays
One hour beginning:
Noon Mountain Time / 11 AM Pacific Time

The world needs healing. Our hearts and spirits need healing. Colorado Springs Meeting is hosting a weekly meeting for worship for healing so we can gather together from throughout the West. Our first meeting will be on Thursday, October1, 2020.


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