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Braiding Sweetgrass Worship Group


Dear Friends,

I'm excited to reach out to you to request the launch of a Biweekly Braiding Sweetgrass Worship Group hosted by Unity with Nature and the Indigenous Concerns Subcommittee of Pacific yearly meeting, with the backing of both the Youth Program Coordinating Committee and the Junior Yearly Meeting Clerk, Alma Moon!

Resurrection Redux


Dear Friends:

I send you this poem to consider on Friday, April 2, which will be Good Friday.

The backstory is . . . There are shrines all over the desert that are created by our neighbors migrating north. Some are just a rosary and a candle. Others are more developed.

One of these well-developed shrines is not far from Arivaca Lake. It has Holy Cards, pesos, candles, and more. . . In the middle of everything is a wooden crucifix.

Little Book of Lamentations


Eugene Friends Meeting invites you to visit the little Book of Lamentations that we produced during our Winter Retreat 2021. We also invite you to visit our retreat webpage, where you can view the Zoom recording of our keynote speaker, Carl Magruder, a hospice chaplain traveling in the ministry. Carl’s talk inspires hope for the future, and you can use the materials from our retreat to guide your own mini-retreat.

Quaker Perspective on Russian Authoritarianism


Dear Friends: Some of you might be interested in a Quaker perspective on the rise of authoritarianism in Russia today.  The author of this viewpoint is Patricia Stewart, a Philadelphia Quaker, and a board member of Friends House Moscow Support Association. In this viewpoint she talks about the protests over the arrest of Alexei Navalny and the demonstrations in about 170 cities. She also talks some about the work of Friends House Moscow. 

– Bill Bauriedel, Palo Alto Friends Meeting


Western Friend Speaker Series 2021


Join the Board of Western Friend in considering important topics with Friendly experts.
Two opportunities to join each conversation:


Vaccines & Community

with Fred Koster, medical doctor, virologist, and Friend

Saturday, March 20, and Wednesday, March 24, 2021.


Friends in Public Office

with current and recent Quaker holders of public office: DeAnne Butterfield, George Gastil, Kathy Hyzy, and Jasmine Krotkov.


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