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The Power of Enough


Dear Friend,

Are you seeking to simplify your life and take personal steps to create right relationship with our world? If so, you may want to participate in this workshop offered by Right Sharing of World Resources via Zoom:

Spiritual Awareness Mini-Course


LISTEN – Tune your inner ears to the Spirit in this online mini-course on spiritual awareness and discernment.

How are your spiritual ears handling the noise, suffering, and uncertainty of this time? How are you sorting inner Holy guidance from other loud and urgent influences? All of us can learn to better recognize and follow the inward promptings of the Spirit through the tumult. It might matter now more than ever.

More Dates for Choosing Democracy


Dear Friends: Please read George Lakey’s latest message below and join in preparation for nonviolent action to “Choose Democracy.”

George Lakey, 10/8/2020:

The number of people in our trainings to prepare for a possible power grab after the election by Donald Trump has been growing, from 700 to 1000 to 1500 – from all over the country. I’m the lead trainer with rotating co-trainers.

Monan's Rill Fire


Dear Friends,

Some of you may know or have heard of Monan’s Rill, an intentional community with four generations of residents, co-founded in the 1970’s by my folks, Bob and Marie Schutz, other Quakers from Berkeley Friends Meeting and others zon 400 paradisiacal acres outside Santa Rosa, CA.

From Hollywood to Hiroshima

Dear Editor,

Please share with your readers this review I have written of a book that just came out, Choosing Life. It is by a Friend from Bethesda Meeting, and I think Quakers would be very interested in it.

Cover of book, Choosing Life

Choosing Life: My Father’s Journey in Film from Hollywood to Hiroshima

By Leslie A. Sussan (Author), Greg Mitchell (Foreword)


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