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Not for Cannibalism


A Friend in his 90's noted that University of Colorado campus has a restaurant called the "Alferd Packer Grill.” This Friend wants me to contact University President Mark Kennedy and question the morality of having a grill named for a murderous cannibal and not one of so many worthy Coloradoans.

Call it “Terrorism” with Care


Dear Editor:

Thank you for publishing the Minute on Racist Violence by Atlanta Friends Meeting (AFM) in the April 4 newsletter. Indeed, I agree with Atlanta Friends that the "spiritual and social conditions" in our society are what we must finally address, and not just the symptoms.

Symptoms are still important, though. One symptom of our weak spiritual condition is the urge to propagandize and use inflated (and thus at least partly untrue) language to mobilize against an enemy.

Preparing for Re-Entry


Near the end of my two years of teaching in China, Volunteers in Asia (the organization that had hosted me) sent me materials about reverse culture shock. I was so excited about going home that I hadn’t thought about problems I might experience upon re-entry. In some ways, returning to “normal” life as pandemic restrictions ease will be a bit like returning home from a foreign land, and we might smooth the transition by taking time to consider the impact of the last year and anticipate what might come.

Desiana Books - New Website


Friends Everywhere,

My brand-new author website is up. Plus, I am nearly ready to publish the next book in the Grandpa Rufus children’s chapter book series. The first, Journey Out of Season, featured a Quaker family around the end of World War II. After visiting a few Meetings in the Northwest to introduce the book, my tour was grounded by the pandemic. The next book is titled, O’ Little Town of Bellingham, and will be released soon.

Loving Earth Art Project


Dear Friends,

Please pass along the following information about an opportunity to engage in an international community craft project in response to our climate crisis.

The Loving Earth Project aims to help a wide range of people engage with the challenges of living more sustainably, motivated by love. It uses arts and crafts, and particularly a community textile project, to help us engage with the issues without being overwhelmed by them.


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