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Sustainable Development


Friendly water for the world seeks do assist communities in combating not just water scarcity, but also deforestation and infectious disease.

We must make the outcomes of our work sustainable.

Every technology and training and optimizing action must be designed for sustainability.

We don't have all the answers. We do have a lot of questions:

But what do sustainable Rainwater Catchment Tanks look like?

How do you engage communities in sustainable long-term partnerships?

Meeting for Grieving


Friends, it has been a difficult year, now more than a year. We are carrying a lot of grief individually and collectively in our Monthly Meetings, Yearly Meeting and in the world. Pacific Yearly Meeting’s Ministry Committee has set aside a time to come together as a larger body to grieve, to voice the pain that we are holding, to lay down our burdens and to be held in the Love and Wisdom of God and in the arms of community.

Let us call each other IN!


Have Friends’ meetings for worship and business become – as Laurie Childers describes in the March/April 2021 issue of Western Friend – places to go to experience “a spiritual practice for calming our own nerves, like going to a spa”?

We certainly have much happening in our world that keeps us from being calm. What is the role of Friends in these urgent times? Do we still seek to listen to the “still small voice” and respond? Or are we unable to hear that voice and instead speak out of anger, fear, or self-righteousness? Or do we fear speaking out at all?

Charge for Carbon Pollution


On April 11, 2021, Reno Friends Meeting reiterated its endorsement of the Citizens' Climate Lobby and their "Energy Innovation Act," a carbon fee-based legislative proposal which may be considered by the US House of Representatives in the near future.  Betsy Fadali, a long-time Reno Friend who has been supporting the work of CCL for many years, encourage Friends to contact Congress at this time.

Women's Revolution Unfinished - New Book


Dear Friends,

A deeply felt thank you to Western Friend for including in the early spring issue a selection from my book from SUNY Press (State University of New York) that highlights my Quaker family, their leadings and calling to work for equality and peace.

It is An Unfinished Revolution: Edna Buckman Kearns and the Struggle for Women’s Rights (SUNY Press, State University of New York, 2021).

Split in Northwest YM - New Book


Dear Friends of The Western Friend:

Has “The Separation Generation” finished dividing U.S. Quakers?

Yes and no.

Yes in a publishing sense: The third and final book of “The Separation Generation” series is now finished and available.

Shattered by the Light or The Ruins and the Green reveals how parallel conflicts over sexuality, the Bible, and church governance erupt in and tear apart two Quaker associations half a continent apart.


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