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When will it be enough?


The mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, TX, is horrific and heartbreaking. We grieve for the children, the teachers, and the families. We grieve for America. And we will continue to demand that our lawmakers act to disrupt this cycle of violence and terror.

The prevention of gun violence isn't about partisanship or politics. It's about keeping people alive. Gun violence is taking an unacceptable toll on our society, resulting in mass killings and senseless deaths happening every day.

QUNO on Peace and Environment at Stockholm +50


This month many in the international sphere are joining the meetings of the Stockholm +50, commemorating the 1972 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment. Colleagues from the Quaker United Nations Office in Geneva (QUNO Geneva) will be joining this event marks, which marks 50 years of global environmental action. AT the meeting, QUNO’s Peace and Disarmament Team are joining advocacy efforts to make the case for why human rights and conflict sensitivity are central to sustainable and just responses to planetary crisis.

Land Reparations Program



Please visit the website of The Peace Abbey to learn about a land reparations program that is being promoted by Wampanoag people, Quakers, and others on Cape Cod. Gail Melix, who is both Wampanoag and Quaker, explains the inspiration and intentions of asking property owners to commit to donating 1 percent of the sale price of their property, whenever it may be sold, to an Indigenous nation or organization.

This project can be replicated anywhere and everywhere.

Food Security through Conservation Agriculture


The Transformational Leadership Center (TLC) continues to battle food insecurity issues in Rwanda, especially in Gicumbi District.

Today the Farmer Field School (FFS) approach is being used by many private and government organizations both locally and internationally because it provides the easiest way to spread effective techniques in the agriculture sector. FFS has been effective in involving adult farmers in small research projects that bring solutions to the agricultural problems they are currently facing in their fields and with their livestock.

Bolivian Quaker Education - Virtual Tour


Dear Friends: Here is a wonderful opportunity to experience Bolivia, in three short one-hour sessions, from the comfort of your home. Our Bolivian Quaker Education Fund is hosting three evenings of conversation with Bolivian students and with Bernabe Yujira, the man who helped persuade us that Quaker Aymara youth sought, needed help, and would diligently pursue a university education.

July 11, 20, and 23, 2022

For more information, see the attached flyer.

from Nancy Marshall, Clerk of the Bolivian Quaker Education Fund Board

Quakers, Indian Boarding Schools, and Congress


FCNL and Friends advocate in solidarity with Indigenous peoples. Yet, historically, Quakers played a role in colonization and the cultural genocide of Native people through the operation of more than 30 Indian boarding schools.

With legislation now before Congress to investigate the legacy of Indian boarding schools, how are Friends communities engaging to address Quaker complicity in these atrocities?

Join us to learn how FCNL and F/friends are reckoning with this history and advocating in solidarity with Native communities.


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