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Help Muzzle Fox News


Help muzzle white supremacists’ biggest megaphone: Fox News.

If we can send enough messages to the companies giving millions in advertising money to Fox News today, we can send a strong message to some of the biggest U.S. corporations that there are consequences to being associated with hateful platforms like Fox News.

Rename William Penn House


The violent insurrection in the U.S. Capitol last week was yet another demonstration of how far we are from the world we seek. We saw racist, anti-Semitic hate on display as the violent mob terrorized the members of Congress. It confirmed this country’s gaping political divisions evidenced by the extremist conspiracy-driven behavior of white nationalism.  

At Friends Committee on National Legislation, we see how profoundly important our work is now – to engage people across the country in our advocacy for peace, justice and an earth restored.

No Place Like Home


Thank-you, Western Friend, for hosting our webinar on "Loving Your Neighborhood" last August. Jill and I were pleased when we were contacted by Friends who want to build 120+ units of affordable housing on their meeting’s property. We offered to provide whatever support we could through our Congregational Land Committee. I hope that other Friends see their underutilized land as an opportunity to house those in need.

MLK Film Festival


Dear Friends: I thought you would be interested in this free, four-day, virtual Film Festival and webinar called "Where Do We Go From Here?" sponsored by the Martin Luther King Jr. Research and Education Institute at Stanford University.

January 15 through January18, 2021
Click here to register.

One film in this festival is Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin, a Quaker who worked closely with MLK.

Hospital San Isidro


San Isidro (Saint Isidore) was a farmer.  He gets a lot more honor here in Honduras, than in say, Tokyo, New York City, or London.  The public hospital in Tocoa, which is our hospital, is named after Saint Isadore.

Help Stop Gun Exports to Mexico


As the attention of the country focuses on the white supremacist violence that terrorized the U.S. Capitol, we must acknowledge that white supremacy and U.S. policy inflict terror on communities across the globe every single day. The work to dismantle white supremacy and U.S. empire is urgent and ongoing. Today we share with you an action opportunity to help stop the U.S. export of violence.

SOA’s “Stop U.S. Arms to Mexico” campaign aims to reduce the U.S. guns that are trafficked and exported to Mexico.

Quaker Theatre and Contemplative Prayer


With Full Conviction Drama Project

In these strange and difficult times, the Palmers Players drama project continues to seek ways to build a peaceable community through the presentation of our play With Full Conviction, in which three marginalised and broken people – one of whom is gay – encounter one another, and find not only forgiveness and healing, but also a deeper sense of belonging.


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