Brief Biographies of Historic Quakers

If you would like to write a simple biography for Western Friend about a historic Quaker whom you admire . . .

. . . consider the biographies we've already published (below), and . . .

. . . use the "Contact Us" tab above to let us know about your idea.

We publish a biography of about 1,000 words in the "Pages for All Ages" section of each issue of Western Friend.

Here's what we've published so far:

Issue Story Title Story Subject Historic period Man/Woman In brief
Jan/Feb 2014 Cruelty and Kindness in Wartime Josephine Duveneck WWII Woman Her work with Japanese internees
Mar/Apr 2014 Waiting for the Light to Come Marilyn Banks 1950s Woman Mental health hospitals
May/June 2014 Summer Camps that Made a Difference AFSC work camp members 1930s-1950s Both AFSC work camps
Jul/Aug 2014 Laugh and Laugh and Laugh Hanna Mackinney 2010s Woman El Salvador Project teen trip
Sept/Oct 2014 The Wedding of Seaweed and Fungus Fantasy characters prehistoric n/a Evolution of plant life
Nov/Dec 2014 Too Full of Himself James Nayler 1650s Man Nayler's biography
Jan/Feb 2015 The Quaker Nobel Peace Prize AFSC WWI & WWII Both Quaker service in wartime Europe
Mar/Apr 2015 The Phoenix of Hiroshima Reynolds Family 1950s Both Protest of nuclear bomb tests
May/June 2015 John Woolman: Pure and Simple John Woolman 1700s Man His work with Quaker slave-owners
July/Aug 2015 Love in the Desert Jim Corbett 1980s Man "Goatwalking" and Sanctuary Movement
Sept/Oct 2015 The Children's Meeting of 1663 Children's meeting 1650s Girls and boys Children uphold meeting while parents in gaol
Nov/Dec 2015 A Good Chcolate Business Cadburys 1800s Men Socially progressive employment practices
Jan/Feb 2016 A Family Story of War Family and WWII 1940s Girl and father An experience with a Japanese detention center
Mar/Apr 2016 A Life the Speaks Bayard Rustin 1960s Man His life of nonviolent action
May/June 2016 The Angel of Prisons Elizabeth Fry 1800s Woman Her childhood and work in prisons
July/Aug 2016 Equal Rights for All Lucrtia Mott 1800s Woman Her childhood and work against slavery and for women's rights
Sept/Oct 2016 The World of the Early Quakers Robert Barclay and England 1600s Man Context of wars between kings and churches in England
Nov/Dec 2016 Moteverde Friends Origins of this meeting 1900s Mulitgenerational Friends leave US to establish Monte Verde Friends Meeting
Jan/Feb 2017 Victory is impossible Susan B. Anthony 1800s-1900s Woman Fight for women's vote
Mar/Apr 2017 Love Eternal Isaac & Mary Penington 1600s Man & woman Their life together
May/June 2017 The Voice that Speaks to Everyone Rufus Jones 1800s Man His childhood learning to hear God speak
July/Aug 2017 How-to-do-it for Civil rights Bill Moyer 2000s Man His work with organizing
Sept/Oct 2017 Beans and "Beanites" Joel and Hanna Bean 1800s Man & woman The rift that lead to PYM etc
Nov/Dec 2017 Learning by Doing Marjorie Sykes 1930s-1960s Woman Her work in India promoting nonviolence
Jan/Feb 2018 Ring the Joy of Freedom John Greenleaf Whittier 1800s Man His poetry and abilition work