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What is inner strength? How does it help shape effective leaders and organizations? This collection of essays from contemporary American leaders is a wealth of personal reflections on these questions. For study groups and newcomers to Quakerism, each section includes an introduction and queries for deeper exploration of listening, discernment, and action as led by the Spirit. Contributors include Margery Post Abbott, Shan Cretin, and Joe Volk.

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The result of a leading to visit “isolated Friends” in the Pacific Northwest, the interviews and photos in this collection reveal a wide variety of spiritual practices. This book is a witness to how deeply Friends embody the messages that service, simplicity, seeking and wonder are ways of living. Away from community, the Friends interviewed in Being Quaker make time for silence and stillness as wells of replenishment and sources of Light. Readers can learn from the experiences of Friends who maintain their faith and practice in isolated settings.

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Gene Knudsen Hoffman dedicated much of her life to seeking out the deep, psychological causes of violence and to helping bring about healing and reconciliation through a process she calls “Compassionate Listening.” Her work inspired Leah Green to begin The Compassionate Listening Project, whose workshops have taught hundreds of people how to listen with their hearts and well as minds. This collection of writings sheds light on Hoffman’s life and inspiration.

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During its fifteen years of publication, EarthLight magazine celebrated the living Earth and our thirteen billion year story of the universe. Founded and inspired by Quakers, EarthLight featured articles by many of the world’s seminal figures in secular and religious thought about the place and participation of humankind in creation. This anthology embodies what we feel is the best of EarthLight and of Quaker writers on spirituality and ecology during the past twenty years, a period that some see as the beginning of a new era, and “Ecological Age.” Contributors include Joanna Macy, Gary Snyder, William Stafford, Terry Tempest Williams, Maya Angelou, Thomas Berry, Thich Nhat Hanh, Starhawk, Jim Corbett, and many others. This is an excellent book for study groups.

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This spiritual autobiography integrates perspectives of early Quakers, Zen Buddhists, and contemporary Christian thinkers. Smith draws from these sources as he tells a personal tale of his Quaker childhood, his years of spiritual crisis, and his ultimate return to Quakerism by way of Zen Buddhism. Along the way, Smith explores and explains the Quaker peace testimony and liberal Quaker views of gender, power, education, and care for the natural world. (232 pages)

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 “How have you experienced God or the Divine?” With this query, Western Friend invited Quakers across the West to share their stories through art, poetry, fiction, and essays. The contributions of over fifty Friends are gathered in this testament to the breadth of spiritual experience in the Religious Society of Friends. Contributors include: Marge Abbott, Heidi Blocher, Eleanor Dart, Iris Graville, Robert Griswold, Susan Merrill, Markley Morris, Rob Pierson, Trudy Reagan, Eric Sabelman, Biliana Stremska, Lynn Waddington, Nancy Wood, and many others. “A collection of fine essays, poetry, and fiction which describe Western Quakers’ experiences with the Divine. The resulting anthology is a rich devotional text which offers many textures, tastes and glimmers of God.” -Lucy Duncan, Friends General Conference

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FOR SPECIAL PRICING ON ORDERS OF TEN OR MORE, PLEASE INQUIRE VIA "CONTACT US" LINK ABOVE. Friends have faith that the direct and unmediated experience of the Divine is available to everyone. That which Quakers call the inward Light lives in each human being. Faith is inseparable from practice. This book of Faith and Practice, published in 2009, is a reference and guide to Friends, who are encouraged to assume personal responsibility for making their lives give active and living witness to their faith.

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The Faith and Practice of North Pacific Yearly Meeting (NPYM) is an evolving document. This third edition reflects the growing experience of NPYM Friends, who seek to follow the Inner Light. Readers are urged to use the book in that Light. The intent of the book is to be descriptive, not prescriptive. The Faith & Practice Committee took pains to make the tone of this edition of the NPYM Faith and Practice less directive than it had been. While it is still intended as a reference for “what do we do when—?” the book now notes a range of possibilities when different meetings have different practices around a given issue.

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The Quaker way emphasizes experience over religious belief or doctrine. It is inherently difficult to capture the essence of the experience in words. Yet every Faith and Practice attempts to do that very thing.

This Faith and Practice describes the beliefs of Friends and the structures and processes of Pacific Yearly Meeting, and its Quarterly and Monthly Meetings. It also explains the spiritual foundation of these processes and of our way of worship. It should be of interest and value to newcomers and old-timers alike.

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 “This book will help Friends explore some of the spiritual depths of our tradition by going past resistance we may have to theological terms we have rejected. Both Christian and non-Christian Friends willing to wrestle with early Quaker theology will be blessed by this account of how Margery Post Abbott grappled with it and found deep spiritual meaning and divine transforming power.”  – Quaker author Marcelle Martin.

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