Author(s): Karen Fleur Tofti-Tufarelli
Author(s): Rick Seifert

A Small Steadying Sail of Love
by Nancy Gibbs Richard

Reviewed by Rick Seifert

How often in life’s turmoil do we turn to the still, calming power of the Inner Light? When I find myself tossed, or just jostled, by life’s storms, I’ve discovered that same inner strength reflected in the poetry, meditations and photos of a small book by Friend Nancy Gibbs Richard.

The book’s title, A Small Steadying Sail of Love, is a... Read more.

Author(s): David Hartsough

Dear Friends,

Can we continue praying for peace while paying for war? My wife Jan and I have been war tax resisters since the Vietnam War. We cannot in conscience pay for killing people in other parts of the world. We believe all people are children of God and we see all people as our brothers and sisters.

In order to fight wars, governments need young men and women willing to fight and kill, and for the rest of us to pay our taxes so that our government can spend 50% of all... Read more.

Author(s): Mary Klein

Here is a coloring page for you.

Author(s): Anthony Manousos

My first encounter with Friends occurred thirty years ago in my hometown of Princeton, New Jersey. I was going through a tumultuous time, and I found the Princeton Meeting to be a place of peace and comfort. Later, as I became more involved with Quakerism, I learned about the history of Princeton Meeting and the hidden history of local Quakers, who were the original settlers there. I learned that the Quakers didn’t take sides during the Revolutionary War; that they cared for the American and... Read more.

Author(s): Elizabeth Boardman

Dear Friends: April is the season for pondering the U.S. income tax system and the fact that about half our tax dollars are used to support the Department of Defense, even when the US is not engaged in any major conflict in the world. 

April is also the season for celebrating the faithful among us who refuse to pay such taxes as a matter of conscience. For example, after many years of protesting the military use of income tax dollars, United Methodist pastor John Schwiebert and his... Read more.

Author(s): Mary Klein

It’s no fun to feel sick – no fun to have an upset stomach or a stuffy nose. And getting hurt is no fun either. Burning your finger, banging your head, scraping your knee – not fun. You just want someone to take the bad feeling away. And nobody can do that. But if they see that you need help, they can try to help you.

Sometimes people get sick or hurt in their brains. It can make them feel mixed up, angry, or sad. It can make them act strangely. They can feel terrible, but nobody can... Read more.

Author(s): Mary Klein

If we’re lucky enough to live long enough, we get to watch the miracle of babies turning into adults. And with that luck, we pay the price of watching tangible people in our lives turning into memories. And we watch those memories taking on lives of their own.  A baby’s first word, a teen’s first love, anybody’s last wishes – these moments burst onto the scene, disappear, and then echo.

Our Quaker faith is a faith of waiting worship, of expectant waiting, of expectation that new... Read more.

Author(s): eric maya joy

during the 2013 gathering of friends general conference in greeley, colorado, a few of us met for three hours each day, all five days, to see what would emerge if we applied friends’ faith and practice towards seeking deeper unity with nature.  mark helpsmeet from “northern spirit radio” often attends this annual gathering; he interviews friends there and edits those interviews into segments for his radio show.   he arranged to interview three of us exploring unity with nature on thursday... Read more.

Author(s): Larissa Keeler

In the flurry of dozens of goodbye hugs before going home, I said to one Friend, “Well, I guess it’s back to the real world now.” He answered, “Oh no, no. This is the real world. The rest of life is what’s not real.” I had to agree.

The Western Young Friends New Years Gathering exists in its own special time. To get there, we pack ourselves tight into cars with sleep bags and snacks, and we travel to the real world.

The night before leaving for the gathering this year, I got... Read more.


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