Author(s): Richard Grossman

There is something you can do that is likely to make you happier, healthier, save money and lessen your impact on the planet. What is it? Consume less by practicing simpler living.

I usually focus on human population growth, but consumption is an issue that affects our impact on the planet just as much. A child born in a developing country will have only a fraction of the impact that a child would have in the United States. This illustrates that it is not just the numbers of people... Read more.

Author(s): Ed Fallon

As a religion major at Drake University in the 1980s, my field studies took me to worship with nearly every denomination in Des Moines. One experience that kept drawing me back was the local Quaker Meeting, where I appreciated the overt commitment to justice and the inner sense of peace.

While a student, I begin to volunteer with the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign, located at the Friends Meetinghouse, perhaps not coincidently. That led me in 1986 to become the coordinator of the... Read more.

Author(s): Members of Moab Meeting

Members of Moab Monthly Meeting have been working with our neighbors for several years now to find solutions to a pair of related issues in Moab, Utah: that large amounts of food are wasted in our community and that some of us do not have enough to eat. These issues challenge our testimonies of simplicity, equality, and community, and we have tried in various ways over the years to find creative solutions in our diverse community.

One of our earliest efforts, started a few years ago... Read more.

Author(s): Audrey Graham

Traveling cross-country by train is a good way to see the disparity of wealth in our nation today. From the railroad tracks we see not only the underbelly of working America, but also the opulence of over-consumption. Deserted brick factories share space with sleek shopping malls. Junk-infested waterways pour into bays festooned with shrink-wrapped sloops and cocktail clubs. Is there any hope of bridging the gap of abject poverty to ridiculous wealth? What, as Quakers, could we be doing? Our... Read more.

Author(s): Linnea Wang

Since when could anyone find spirituality in garage sales? Just think about the junk, the mess, the work, the dust on items left in the garage for months…years!  This is all as mundane and earthy as it gets, and utterly disgusting! Yet in every aspect of garage saling there is opportunity for spiritual experience and meaningful soul growth.

Planning: Even before your meeting or church decides to hold a Simplify Life Sale, there is a seed of awareness that grows in someone or in... Read more.

Author(s): Shelley Tanenbaum

Shelley Tanenbaum serves as clerk of Quaker Earthcare Witness and Quaker Institute for the Future.  She is a member of Strawberry Creek Meeting in Berkeley, CA. Shelley and her husband run a consulting company, ENVAIR, which conducts research on regional air quality trends, with an emphasis on ozone and particulates.

The following interview was conducted by phone on April 17, 2013, was transcribed by Solomon Smilack, and was edited lightly.

Western... Read more.

Author(s): Peg Morton

To the Editor: I am delighted by the correspondence in Western Friend concerning war tax resistance. (I will use the term “refuser” in this statement. I like this fairly new way of expressing out war tax actions.) I have been a war tax refuser since 1980, and David Hartsough’s letter reflected well my own view. Nancy Haimes argues that war tax refusal is ineffective, maybe even counter-effective. She believes that we should devote ourselves to influencing Congress and to effective... Read more.

Author(s): Polly Post

Dear Editor: What a joy to see in your March/April issue Rick Seifert’s appreciative and thoughtful review of Nancy Gibbs Richard’s book of poems and photographs,  A Small, Steadying Sail of Love.

For over twenty years Nancy’s prayerful poems have given me comfort, inspiration, challenge and delight. They have helped me accept diminishments, rejoice in Earth’s beauty, see glimpses of the holy, let go of worry and experience gratitude. They have let me “risk the Light,” as... Read more.

Author(s): Margaret Fruth

Dear Friends: I believe that the decision to hold PYM at Mount Madonna this year was not made in good order. That haste has been rewarded with a larger price.

PYM had to choose between children who are our future, and the disabled, who in many ways are part of our past. This decision appears to impact fewer people. As one of the disabled, I believe that the right decision was made, but please be mindful of the flaws in the process that led to such a choice.

Margaret Fruth... Read more.

Author(s): Eleanor Dart

Hello, House

Poems by Phyllis Hoge

Illustrations by Maxine Hong Kingston

Reviewed by Eleanor Dart


This Quakerly book of poems invites the reader home. A member of Albuquerque Friends Meeting, Phyllis Hoge is the author of many published collections. In her acknowledgements to Hello, House, she writes, “Because I love my house as I might love a genial friend, I can love and celebrate my housework.” This collection of poems... Read more.


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