Author(s): Marian Rhys

Dear Editor: I was startled by several errors in the May/June 2018 issue of Western Friend.

First, the short description of my own article, which you published online and described on page 5 of the print magazine, mentions the name “Ted Bundy.” In my article about the Sagebrush Rebellion, none of the Bundy family members have the name Ted. The two brothers are Ammon and Ryan. Their father is Cliven. Ted Bundy was a serial killer back in the 1970s; he was long ago executed by... Read more.

Author(s): Eugene Norcross-Renner

Dear Friends: At the rise of meeting in Olympia this past Sunday [May 6], I heard from David Albert that our recently published NPYM Faith & Practice is being used by a newly formed worship group in eastern Uganda. By report, the Ugandans find it a valuable guide in their formation as Friends. I’m astonished and delighted.

– Eugene Norcross-Renner, Lower Columbia WG (NPYM)

Author(s): Sandy Kewman

Dear Editor: The May/June issue, “On Expansion,” is wonderful. I read every article this morning and can’t wait to share the articles “Race and Quakerism” and “Journey to the Heart of Worship” with my meeting – as well as the pullout section for young people. Kat Northrup’s article was helpful to me in the way that she listed and explained so well the stumbling blocks we confront when reaching across racial differences. John Kretzman’s article will be helpful to all members and attenders of... Read more.

Author(s): Talley Kenyon

Dear Editor: I just re-read “Beyond Enemy Thinking” by Meagan Fischer in the May/June 2018 edition. As I did so, I realized that her message about relations between LGBTI people in Latin America and non-local advocate organizations has much wider implications. My mind continually turned to how we view “others” in our country today. How frustrated I can be with my fellow Americans whose beliefs and goals are so different from my Quaker understanding of how we are meant to live with others in... Read more.

Author(s): john heid

Dear Editor: Seeking is woven tightly, Lightly, into our original vocation as Friends. One does not seek what one already knows, but rather, the unknown. Someplace new. The Light within us is brightened by that in others and way becomes clearer. I believe the journey is as sacred as the destination and asking directions is akin to seeking cairns. Together. Ram Dass says, “All we’re doing is walking each other home.” I would add . . . “to a place we’ve never been before.”

– Friend... Read more.

Author(s): Claire Gorfinkel

To the editor: Thank you for sharing excerpts from Lee and Asia Bennett’s presentation at Horizon House in the May/June issue. What a meaning-filled, interesting and spiritually rich journey these two “socially inexperienced young people” have shared for more than sixty years, since marrying halfway through their sophomore year in college! I had the pleasure of knowing Asia while we were both involved with the AFSC, and I recall her leadership with much affection and gratitude.

I... Read more.

Author(s): Sister Alegría del Señor, Sister Confianza del Señor

Epistle on Immigration from Amigas del Señor Monastary, May 22, 2018

[The following text was abridged from the original epistle, published at:]

Dear Friends: Here in Honduras, folks who go to the USA are said to go “with papers” or “without papers.” We are well aware that the news and information readily available to you... Read more.

Author(s): London Yearly Meeting

Science starts from wonder and the unceasing questioning of the free human spirit. The study of it enriches the mind through the fascinating and ever-widening picture of the universe that it provides . . . The power of the human mind when used methodically in the pursuit of truth . . . must not lead us to mistake the means for the end and to forget that in its practice we are engaged in discovering the truths of God’s creation . . .

London Yearly Meeting (1959)

Author(s): Rebecca Henderson

For Friends . . . “A lot of work happens in Quaker committees. A lot of work is done by appointed individuals. (We hesitate to call them Officers, as that sounds quite corporate or military.) A lot of work is carried out by those who know how to do it. . . Committees are appointed for action, not for stalling or burying an issue. Quaker individuals work as best they can; they are not figure-heads and do not have honorific titles. For example, the Meeting has a Clerk. In old English that... Read more.

Author(s): Mary Klein

It’s hard to be shut out. It’s hard to be the one (or the family) whose name isn’t on the guest list, the one who is pointedly ignored in the meeting, the one on the roster of workers about to lose their jobs in the downsizing.

The value of faith does not lie in the measure of success that it brings us. The value of faith resides in the hope and life that it brings during times of despair. And the steadiness and life that it brings during times of joy.

As Margaret (Fell) Fox... Read more.


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