Author(s): Brian Murphy

Ultimate Peace, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that runs a summer sports camp, teaching ultimate frisbee to Muslim and Jewish teenagers near Ashkelon, at the edge of the Negev Desert in Israel, about eight miles from the Gaza Strip. For many years, I have helped to manage this organization from afar and have long been inspired by stories of Jewish and Muslim teenagers meeting each other, building relationships, and learning how to resolve their disagreements peacefully. But, after being... Read more.

Author(s): Keith Dickerson

Paradox defined: “Items and situations that seem mutually exclusive, yet somehow reflect upon each other, often creating a deeper, more nuanced truth, perhaps in dynamic tension, or complementing each other.” Like a Quaker serving in the military. I lived that paradox intermittently for seven years while serving in the reserves during medical school and residency. Then I lived it full-time during four years of active duty, which started when I completed my medical training in 2000. My first... Read more.

Author(s): Mica Coffin

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Dear Friends:

As I sat in worship recently, I saw a little plant of goodness inside me. This plant is only a seedling, but it is tenacious. It is able to grow despite harsh conditions. But it shouldn’t have to struggle. I want to nourish it and water it and shine light on it. I want to help it grow strong and... Read more.

Author(s): James Summers

In the United States, gun violence is not a mere veneer on the surface of an otherwise peaceful society, but something deep and dark, with roots in the colonization of the continent and the founding of the nation, in ethnic cleansing, enslavement and the seizure of land from Mexico. White settlers, armed to the teeth, faced the constant prospect of insurrection by Native peoples and enslaved populations, as well as violence on contested borders.

The industrial revolution fed the gun... Read more.

Author(s): Doug Milholland

On Father’s Day, June 17, 2018, thirty people gathered at noon for a vigil near the Naval Magazine Indian Island weapons transfer depot on Port Townsend Bay in Washington State. The depot is the largest weapons transfer facility on the West Coast.

Those of us who live near the depot see warships and enormous ammo-hauling ships coming and going on a daily basis, carrying the heaviest of war materials for all branches of the military: missiles, bombs, landmines, cluster munitions,... Read more.

Author(s): Val Liveoak

Val Liveoak recently shared with Western Friend the text of her keynote presentation to 2018 PeaceQuest, which is online at: The following is a compilation of some excerpts from that text.

At the the Friends General Conference Gathering of 1993, David Hartsough (then with American Friends Service Committee) convened a group to consider Quaker... Read more.

Author(s): John Lindsay-Poland
Bullet Points: The Gun Problem We Share with Mexico

On the “open wound” of border between Nogales, Arizona, U.S.A., and Nogales, Sonora, Mexico (actually one city, divided), a steel-tube fence stretches thirty feet high and miles to the east and west – beyond our seeing. Dozens of people entered a restricted zone beside that wall and enacted a die-in last November, to remember 123 migrants who died in the nearby desert during the previous twelve... Read more.

Author(s): Timothy Jarvis

It is currently popular to call for “gun control” in the United States, especially in the wake of senseless mass shootings that have rocked the nation. However, most proposed “gun control” legislation has at its center the punishment of blameless people for the violent acts of a few. That is, these measures restrict or prohibit gun availability to citizens who have broken no laws, have harmed no one, and have merely exercised their rights under the Constitution to buy and own weapons.... Read more.

Author(s): Emily Garrison, Rocky Garrison
Empire of Guns:
The Violent Making of the Industrial Revolution 
Written by Satia Priya
Reviewed by Emily Garrison and Rocky Garrison

How free is your life from war, violence, and oppression? How free is your financial life from these forces? Satia Priya poses these questions as she traces the conflict between the Birmingham Monthly Meeting (BMM) in central England in the 1790s... Read more.

Author(s): Mary Klein


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