Author(s): Ann Hyde

Dear Editor: I want you to know how much I enjoy Western Friend – the Jan/Feb 2021 issue is particularly good, with some very interesting articles, such as the one on Friends House Moscow. I am about to celebrate my 100th birthday, so it’s wonderful reading hopeful articles, such as “Cassandra” and “Bunnytown.” Anyway, Western Friend is a great READ.

          – Ann Hyde, Multnomah Monthly Meeting, Portland, OR (NPYM)

Author(s): George Hebben, Mary Klein

Dear Editor: I’ve studied the cover of the Jan/Feb 2021 issue for many minutes, even inverted it. I used a magnifying glass on the reflections in the eyes. I still cannot figure out how one can tell that the pictured child is a Quaker baby.   What’s the giveaway?

          – George Hebben, Plainwell, MI

Dear George: I guess you have to trust I was telling the truth. Well.... Read more.

Author(s): Bea Quiroga

Pima Friends Meeting in Tucson, Arizona, is 60 miles (106 kilometers) from the International Border with Mexico. Our meeting is widely known for the leadership that our member Jim Corbett gave to the sanctuary movement in the 1980s, helping refugees from the civil wars in El Salvador and Guatemala find sanctuary in U.S. churches.

Tragedy on the border has continued ever since. The group Border Angels estimates that since 1994, about 10,000 people have died... Read more.

Author(s): Marguerite Kearns

[This text has been excerpted from the author’s upcoming book, An Unfinished Revolution: Edna Buckman Kearns and the Struggle for Women’s Rights (Albany: State University of New York Press, 2021).]

“Traitor. Sissy,” hecklers bellowed as the women’s demonstration inched forward. Men marchers and women students from Howard University, an African American private university in the nation’s capital, stood out as targets for taunts, assaults, and... Read more.

Author(s): Jaimie Mudd

Bring into your mind the Holy, the Mystery, always within us and always around us. This Holy Mystery, I call “Christ.” I feel Christ flowing like water, blowing like wind, surrounding us, penetrating us, flowing outward from us. In this awareness, we can know that all of us belong to one another and to all creation. Now imagine that we might pivot, all together, into caring for all creation – with immediate personal and corporate action.

In my life and ministry, I rely on the Gospel... Read more.

Author(s): Laurie Childers

I’m no expert on Quaker history, but I’m familiar with the basic outlines. One general observation I can make about Quaker history is this: Early Friends started by getting imprisoned often for breaking the rules, and then they continued as rule-breakers throughout the centuries. Quakers have broken both government laws and cultural conventions. This pattern of rule-breaking emerges from the same source as our testimonies do: Quaker worship.

It was a convention of the English... Read more.

Author(s): Mandy Richardville

Last year, our Library Committee worked diligently to create a wonderfully complete online library catalog of all the books held by Santa Monica Friends Meeting. Then, the pandemic hit. Our meetinghouse closed in March 2020, and virtually all our books have been sitting idle for a year. I have a deep love of physical books: the smell when you crack one open, the texture of a page in your hand, the way you can find a passage you’ve read by remembering where it was on the page. Physical books... Read more.

Author(s): Donna Williams

Most people know several different ways for drawing a large group of people to a decision. I’ve experienced many: Robert’s Rules, the Lakota talking circle, the old-fashioned town-hall meeting, the top-down company-wide memo, a method I’ll call “spokes and wheels,” as well as Quaker meeting for business. These give us “outward forms” for grappling with messy social processes. None of them are sacred, although the sacred may work through them. Do I think some methods excel above others? Yes.... Read more.

Author(s): Gale Toko-Ross, Valerie Ireland, David Zeiss, Sandy Kewman

Call to Intermountain Yearly Meeting
Annual Gathering 2021 - Online

Facing Uncertainty:
Our Personal Lives and the Life of Annual Meeting

June 16 - 20, 2021

Dear Friends: Please join us at the virtual gathering of Intermountain Yearly Meeting, from June 16-20,
2021. We look forward to implementing many of the skills and lessons that we have learned over the last year, to create a Spirit-led time for all... Read more.

Author(s): Susan Calhoun

It helps to belong somewhere. Belonging can be quite healing.

This is a big reason that people in my monthly meeting and yearly meeting are working to make those spaces more welcoming. We hope for a greater diversity of people to feel like they belong to our meetings. We hope for them to find the healing they need there.

Recently, my friend Shawna Thompson, a Navajo woman, was the clerk of Pima Friends Meeting. Shawna found out she had pancreatic cancer last February and died... Read more.


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