Author(s): Mary Ray Cate

At Home on the Slopes of the Mountains
By Sharon Snyder

Review by Mary Ray Cate

At Home on the Slopes of Mountains: The Story of Peggy Pond Church was published in 2011 by Los Alamos Historical Society Publications, and it is available for $22 from their online bookstore.

New Mexico has nurtured many artists, writers and poets over the years, including many who moved here from other parts of the world.  The poet Peggy Pond Church,... Read more.

Author(s): Diana Forsythe

When reaching decisions in a Meeting for Business, Friends shun consensus (a secular decision, usually comprising the common acceptable part of the opinions brought by those present). Rather, Friends seek the unity which is the result of spiritual discernment of God’s leading for the group, often an unexpected decision transcending the opinions brought by those present.

Author(s): Mary Klein

Dear Friends,

I’ve got some good news and some bad news for you about war. The bad news is numbingly familiar.  The good news, however, is heartening.

Some familiar and numbing statistics: The United States now spends $700 billion per year on our military, more than all other nations combined.  We still have 1,700 strategic nuclear weapons deployed at the ready, with another 3,000 stockpiled in waiting. Twenty-seven active armed conflicts currently rage throughout our world,... Read more.

Author(s): Burton Housman

My Quaker meeting knew I’d long been enraged about our country’s misadventures in the Middle East. They knew I’d been volunteering at the Naval Medical Center San Diego, but they didn’t really know what I’d done about the fury that possessed me. This is a testimony to what can be done when we think we’re faced with helplessness.

 I was being consumed by enraged resentment that left me utterly helpless. My rage was directed at elected officials in my beloved land, officials who... Read more.

Author(s): Zachary Moon

For if you love only those who love you, what reward have you earned?

I grew up in a very liberal Quaker meeting in the very liberal city of Berkeley California. Most of the adults in my life were peace activists of one kind or another, folks more likely to spend an afternoon at a demonstration than watching a football game. These people shaped how I came to see the world, and long before I really knew what I was talking about, I was getting into arguments with schoolmates... Read more.

Author(s): Josh Von Kuster

My experience as a Navy pilot for a third of my life is fundamental to who I am.  The military has significantly impacted my experience as a Quaker. This is most evident to me when I compare the Quaker testimonies of Simplicity, Integrity, Community, Equality, and Peace with the military codes and traditions that have shaped me.

Simplicity is one of the areas of greatest similarity between the military and the Society of Friends.  Effective military thinking, from tactics... Read more.

Author(s): James Summers

I remember what it felt like, during the last two years of the Vietnam War, to go into town wearing my US Navy uniform.  Often, I felt invisible.  Sometimes, just silly. Frequently, I got the cold shoulder. A couple of times things got close to getting physical.  I was called a “paid killer” at my neighborhood food coop by someone who couldn’t read the shoulder insignia that identified me as a Hospital Corpsman and noncombatant.  He knew nothing about me, my job, my... Read more.

Author(s): David Hartsough

The Friends Peace Testimony challenges us to find alternatives to war and violence and create peaceful approaches to resolving conflict creatively and without harm.  For the past ten years, Friends from around the world have put these words into action by creating the Nonviolent Peaceforce (NP), an international organization that places teams of civilians from all over the world into conflict zones, where they work with local groups to protect civilians and support local initiatives for... Read more.

Author(s): Marc Lichterman

It’s the end of July. The community of Anaheim is outraged.  In separate incidents over the past few days, two unarmed men of color have been murdered by the police.  A round of public protests and police suppression of protests have followed. I have just returned to Southern California in the middle of this turmoil.   I make plans to meet with my affinity group and head to a rally at the Anaheim police station.

As someone who grew up in an activist household,... Read more.

Author(s): Vickie Aldrich

In September 2010, I received a letter from the IRS, which said that I had to pay a “frivolous filing penalty” of $5000 for my action of withholding some of the money I owed for my 2009 taxes. “We have determined that the purported tax return you sent is frivolous and your position has no basis in law.”  Frivolous. The word stuck in my mind.  Part of this journey is about words, about patience, about truth.  It gave me a sort of mantra that is precious to me now, “I didn't ask... Read more.


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