Author(s): Margaret Fruth

Dear Friends: I believe that the decision to hold PYM at Mount Madonna this year was not made in good order. That haste has been rewarded with a larger price.

PYM had to choose between children who are our future, and the disabled, who in many ways are part of our past. This decision appears to impact fewer people. As one of the disabled, I believe that the right decision was made, but please be mindful of the flaws in the process that led to such a choice.

Margaret Fruth... Read more.

Author(s): Eleanor Dart

Hello, House

Poems by Phyllis Hoge

Illustrations by Maxine Hong Kingston

Reviewed by Eleanor Dart


This Quakerly book of poems invites the reader home. A member of Albuquerque Friends Meeting, Phyllis Hoge is the author of many published collections. In her acknowledgements to Hello, House, she writes, “Because I love my house as I might love a genial friend, I can love and celebrate my housework.” This collection of poems... Read more.

Author(s): Robert S. Henry

In the Wild Places by Sarah Hoggatt

reviewed by Dr. Robert S. Henry


Often I find myself sitting in a local coffee house, enjoying the ambiance and taking in the wonder of a new book.  It is not often, however, that I find myself pausing over a book in such a public setting, reflecting and sensing the tensions in my own life coming to the surface.  With most books I find myself simply passing time, enjoying thoughts and words, but never really moving... Read more.

Author(s): Diana Forsythe

Friends worship in silence; it is not necessary to speak in Meeting for Worship. If we are led to speak, it is our custom not to speak more than once during an hour-long Meeting. Business Meeting is also a form of Meeting for Worship. If you have already spoken to a particular item of business, please give those who have not done so a chance to speak. When considering whether to speak a second time during a Meeting for Business, please do not repeat yourself: it is appropriate to rise and... Read more.

Author(s): Mary Klein

Dear Friends: We marvel at incarnation, at the way that Life walks the earth in carne, in these bags of flesh we call bodies. By some mysterious grace we are given the power to live and to think and to act. Then gravity holds us down. Biochemistry drives us. History and community constrain us. Information limits our imagination. A tangle of powers confronts us with a chaos of demands. It’s enough to drive you to drink. It’s enough to drive whole civilizations mad.

But... Read more.

Author(s): Maya D. Wright

“Does my life reflect my values and beliefs?” This query is often on my mind, and probably yours too. As a child in Mountain View Friends Meeting (Denver), I learned the Quaker belief that there is “that of God in everyone,” sometimes called “the Light within.” The Light is our best and most holy potential, our goodness, our groundedness, our Truth. That Inner Light remains a core element of my belief system. It’s an axiom: Light=God.

At a time when three renowned American art... Read more.

Author(s): Lanny Jay

The week of July 29 – August 3, 2013, will see PYM Friends returning to Mount Madonna near Watsonville for the sixth annual gathering we will hold there. Many Friends view the Mt. Madonna Center, with its spectacular view of Monterey Bay, as the most eye-pleasing site at which we have gathered, while others consider it problematic due to the fairly steep hillside terrain, which is adorned with religious iconography.  Moreover, unlike college campuses and other conference centers, Mt.... Read more.

Author(s): Paul Christiansen

Two years ago, I was one of those people who flinched every time I heard the word “Jesus.”  When I told this to my friend Joe Snyder, he said, “Read the Bible. That'll take care of that flinch.” And then he told me about Mark.

This piece is intended to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. The afflicted in this case—or, perhaps, the conflicted—are those Quakers, particularly young folks like me, who are troubled by references to Jesus, Christ, Christianity... Read more.

Author(s): Nancy Gibbs Richard
A God-space between us
There is a God-space between us
that holds a truth
larger than any of our own.
It is a challenge to be open
to that possibility,
to trust the Great Mystery
of the in-between-place
that can move us towards
forgiveness, reconciliation, home.

On Seas of Grief
On seas of grief
my boat and I
weather storms
of terrible sorrow
with a small
steadying sail of love.... Read more.
Author(s): Steve Smith

Wouldst thou be a prophet, or perhaps a saint?
Alas, he who thinks he is, most likely aint.
                William Bacon Evans (1875-1964), Quaker writer and weighty Friend.

Few Friends would claim to be saints or prophets. Yet many long-time Quakers like to be viewed as “weighty Friends”—if only in the limited sense that we have strong feelings about good Quaker order, and we hope that our words... Read more.


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