Author(s): Julie Brozio

It feels like I failed this morning.

I was shivering as I carried clean laundry through the early morning wind, back to my apartment, debating how many layers to pile on that day for the rainy weather that was predicted. As I approached my apartment, I could see a few cars in the parking lot. One of them was mine. A man was kneeling by the rear driver-side wheel of my car. I noticed he was wearing yellow paid shorts, despite the blustery weather. Then I... Read more.

Author(s): Ann Marie Snell
Author(s): Cimmeron ‘Cims’ Gillespie

This article was written on behalf of North Pacific Yearly Meeting’s Peace and Social Concerns Committee: Kate Hunter (Clerk), Tom Ewell, Cims Gillespie, Rose Lewis, Steve Willey, and Ruth Yarrow.

Quite commonly, an individual Friend will carry a great deal of passion for one particular social issue (or for a very few issues). This tendency often reflects an outlook of reductionism in which all the injustices of the world reduce down to a single point. For instance... Read more.

Author(s): Joy Conrad-Rice

It is surprising to me that so few Friends do sports. For me, doing a sport and going to Quaker meeting are of the same intention and compulsion. If I don’t do something physical for a few days, my body hurts. If I don’t center regularly into meditation, either in a group or by myself, I feel out of sorts. For me, Quaker meeting and sports are both essential parts of an authentic life.

... Read more.

Author(s): Rosemary Wells

for E.D.


Like the meat

Is to the nut

Like the pearl

Is to the shell

Like the clapper

To the bell

So the voice

Within does dwell.


Like a needle

In a groove

So the earth

Around the sun –

Part your mortal lips to speak

And your being

Has begun.

Author(s): Robert Griswold

Friends use the word Light a lot.  They use it as a metaphor to point towards an experience.  But Friends use this basic expression so casually that I fear it has become conventional and trivial. We don’t much think about what the Light (as experience) means or where it comes from or why we need it. Nor are we aware of how we got into the dark in the first place. Like many metaphors, Light is better understood when it is placed in a context. My experience is that ego,... Read more.

Author(s): Mary Klein

Dear Friends: Stand up straight. Those words can sound scolding – or they can sound encouraging. Deciding whether or not to obey directions, we consider the source. We consider whether we think that source cares about our best interests.

Obedience doesn’t mean the same thing to people who have status and power as it does to those who don’t. In some settings, we’ll find we have status and power, and in others, we won’t. From a position of weakness, the question is: Which directions to... Read more.

Author(s): Britain Yearly Meeting

If we were coming together to worship individually, each to enter into his or her own private meditation, then it wouldn’t much matter whether all arrived at the appointed time. In private meditation, the worshippers could each “settle” separately, training themselves not to be disturbed by latecomers. But . . . our goal is to achieve a group mystical experience, deepening and enriching our individual experience; we need to start the process at the same time.  ~~~

Author(s): Steve Smith

Call to the Annual Gathering of Pacific Yearly Meeting, 2014
Youth and Prophecy: Awakening to a New Creation

July 14 – 19, 2014; Walker Creek Ranch, Petaluma California

“What canst... Read more.

Author(s): Tom Rawson
Call to the Annual Gathering of North Pacific Yearly Meeting, 2014
The Transformative Power of Spirit in Community: Finding Light in the Yearly Meeting
July 23 – 27, 2014; Pacific University, Forest... Read more.


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