Author(s): Hayley Hathaway

“Did you see the letters?” asked the little 7-year-old at my side. I had just returned from a trip overseas and was recounting some of the highlights. Letters?

“You know, while you were on the plane and looked down, could you see the letters? Like the ones on the maps?”

I laughed. I’m sorry, I told him. There aren’t any letters, just trees and highways and fields; from a plane usually you can’t even tell which state or country you’re in.

Yet here on the ground, those... Read more.

Author(s): Bill Lovett

During the buildup of the Vietnam War in 1967, several Friends families found themselves in Visalia, California, due to the establishment of the American Friends Service Committee’s Farm Labor Program. The program was focused on helping low-income families, especially farm workers, to form cooperative groups. These groups of eight to twelve families were then guided through the process of building their own homes.

As the war escalated, we formed the Tulare County Peace Committee and... Read more.

Author(s): Diane Randall

Diane Randall has served as the Executive Secretary of Friends Committee on National Legislation since March 2011. Before joining FCNL, Diane spent nine years in Connecticut as Executive Director of Partnership for Strong Communities, a non-profit working for solutions to homelessness. She is a member of Hartford Monthly Meeting, New England Yearly Meeting. Diane spoke by phone with Western Friend on December 10, 2013. The following text was drawn from a transcript of that interview.... Read more.

Author(s): Rick Seifert

Dear Editor: I'm responding Talley Kenyon’s letter in the November/December 2013 issue of Western Friend. I'm sorry that Palo Alto Meeting has had trouble filling the positions of clerk and recording clerk. Believe me, Friends, they are not alone!

Here at Multnomah Meeting, we have had to grapple with the same problem but have found our way forward. Here are some of the things we have discovered:

The position of clerk needs to be demystified. Normal human beings can do it! It... Read more.

Author(s): Bill and Marty Smith

Dear Friends:  As Resident Friends at the Honolulu Friends Meeting House since July 2012, we have hosted Friends and friends of Friends from other countries, from the Mainland, and from other Hawaiian Islands.  When we gather around the breakfast table, the interactions are often very interesting and educational.

Early in our tenure at the as Residents, a wedding party of five sat around our breakfast table.  A young woman explained what motivated her to start the Quaker Voluntary... Read more.

Author(s): Roger Weaver

Dear Friends: What are the stages of silent worship which lead to the unity of a Collected or Gathered Meeting? The first stage is Settling into Worship, though not so comfortably that one has a hard time keeping awake. Focus on what is going on within, rather than distractions. This is known as Centering and includes awareness of similarly minded worshippers.

The experience of worshipful unity can include awareness of an entire Meeting being Collected or Gathered. It has also been... Read more.

Author(s): FWCC Sacramento 2014 Planning Committee

To Friends everywhere: What will be the future of Friends in the 21st Century?  What must we do and be to truly undo the blockages that keep the Living Water from flowing in us and through us individually and corporately?  Do we know what purposes God would have us serve?  How do we communicate across cultural and language lines?  Who will lead and how will we lead?

Western Friends have a special opportunity to address these questions at one or more of the four consultations to be... Read more.

Author(s): Mary Klein

Here is a page to color when you have some time.

Author(s): Mary Klein

Here are some puzzles to do alone and a game to do with your friends.

Author(s): Mary Klein

Josephine Duveneck loved adventure. She loved justice, too. In 1936, just a few years before the start of World War Two, Josephine took a trip to Germany with her family. They rented bikes and rode through the German countryside. The travelers were Josephine, her husband Frank, and three of their four children.

In every German village they visited, the family saw a paper sign that shocked and saddened them. The sign read, “Hier sind juden nicht Gewunscht.” The words... Read more.


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