Author(s): Mary Klein
Author(s): Nate Secrest

Dear Friends:

Leaves are falling, apples are ripening, the days are getting shorter. That can only mean one thing: New Years Gathering is just around the corner!

This is an annual Quaker gathering to welcome the new year with worship and community. The Gathering lasts five nights and alternates between being held in Northern California and Southern Oregon.

Western Young Friends was founded in 1975 by young people from Pacific and North Pacific Yearly Meetings. While... Read more.

Author(s): Alan Kamas

Dear Friends:

Your Friends Committee on National Legislation has two internship programs for young adults and both are now taking applications for 2020.

The FCNL Summer Internship is an ideal experience for people ages 18-23, but some older participants have found it to be meaningful as well. The work is in FCNL’s office in Washington, DC, throughout June and July. These are paid internships to advance FCNL’s witness for peace on Capitol Hill.

... Read more.
Author(s): Lisa Gonzalez

Dear Editor:

I manage a website that focuses on senior citizen safety (, and I’ve noticed that many elders don’t have the information they need to stay safe when a natural disaster strikes. Of course, storm/weather safety is an important topic for people of all ages, and it’s important that everyone has the information they need to stay prepared.

With that in mind, I encourage your readers to visit the following websites, which provide natural-disaster safety... Read more.

Author(s): Susan Garfinkel, John Anderies

Dear Friends:

The Conference of Quaker Historians and Archivists (CQHA) will hold its 23rd biennial conference at Earlham College on June 12-14, 2020.

We invite proposals for presentations on any aspect of Quaker history, across all time periods and locations. This year we encourage proposals on the following topics: Challenges of diversity, equity, or inclusion in Quakerism; (Re)assessments of Quakerism and Quaker historiography.

In addition to individual paper... Read more.

Author(s): Michele Shields

As a hospital chaplain, I met Mrs. Corrigan in an office adjacent to her oncologist’s office. She had just been talking with him about her terminal illness and about non-curative, comfort-care plans. Mrs. Corrigan was facing the end of her life from a metastatic form of cancer. As a patient now living at home, she had previously undergone many surgeries, radiation treatments, and chemotherapy. She had indicated that she wanted to see a chaplain for a series of spiritual care visits.

... Read more.

Author(s): Paul Harris

Earlier this year, I attended a program at Ben Lomond Quaker Center on “Quaker Revival,” led by Paul Buckley. Paul is a Quaker historian and theologian who lives in Cincinnati and is affiliated with Ohio Yearly Meeting. He translated William Penn’s Primitive Christianity Revived into modern English in 2018.

Friends, I want to share with you my distillation of two small portions of that rich weekend. Both concern ways that Friends’ conceptions of “The Light” have changed over... Read more.

Author(s): Julie Harlow

I travel to Moscow each year to participate in the annual meeting of the International Board of Friends House Moscow and visit the programs we support. I also attend Moscow Meeting for Worship. It generally draws a visitor or two plus the usual core of three-to-five regulars, including a Russian Orthodox priest who uses Quaker materials in discussion groups in his church.

Friends do not all arrive for worship at the same time, so a period of fellowship and sharing usually occurs... Read more.

Author(s): Matt Boswell

There is a short story in Luke’s gospel about two sisters, Martha and Mary. One way people have often found meaning in this story is to see Martha and Mary as representative of two “ways” of spirituality – the contemplative way (Mary) and the active way (Martha). The idea being not that one is more important than the other but that they are both essential, each “way” to be held in balance, enriching the other.

... Read more.

Author(s): Maria Arrington

Like many Quakers, my beliefs and responses to the world have been challenged by the political chaos of recent years. It is hard for me to see children separated from their parents, public wilderness areas sacrificed to corporate interests, and the dearth of compassion or humane feelings shown by many politicians and bureaucrats. I have found myself being pulled into adversarial attitudes that I know I do not believe in.

As a Quaker, I say I believe there is “that of God” in every... Read more.


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