Author(s): Mary Klein

Dear Friends: Almost anything can serve as a weapon, even life-giving water. All living creatures on earth have evolved (are evolving) fortifications against attack. Cellular life is fortified by membranes, and human societies are fortified by lines in the sand. Nutrients and attractive ideas gain access through those fortifications. Poisons and slander are rebuffed. Inside our fortifications, ideally, scarcity and excess are minimized as we “give us this day our daily bread;” but in... Read more.

Author(s): Edward W. Wood, Jr.

The following note was excerpted from a longer message. The original is published here in Western Friend’s online library.

Dear Friends: Quakers, with our unique Peace Testimony, based upon the certainty that there is that of God in everyone, are in a special position in America to lead it out of its current mad dedication to guns at all levels of American society – individual, communal, and... Read more.

Author(s): Marian Rhys

Dear Editor: Many thanks to Kate McClellan for her letter in the November/December 2018 Western Friend. I appreciated her pointing out that the climate crisis and other environmental crises are not really going to affect the earth fundamentally, but only the biosphere of the earth (which includes us, homo sapiens). The earth will be just fine with or without us. We are not really trying to save the earth; we are trying to save ourselves. What an arrogant species we are!

... Read more.

Author(s): David Hartsough

Dear Friends: Great News!! Five excellent films on the power of nonviolent action and nonviolent movements are now available for free all over the world in twenty different languages. These are powerful films and will hopefully educate and inspire people to build powerful nonviolent actions and campaigns for peace, justice, and environmental sanity in their own communities and cities. Please share this message and this link widely:... Read more.

Author(s): Sakre Kennington Edson

Dear Friends: David Zarembka’s concerns about the September/October 2018 cover of Western Friend were eye-openers for me. I appreciate the “teachable moment” his thoughts provided, through his letter to the editor in the November/December issue. I now have a better understanding of another hidden bias to be mindful of as we move forward.

– Sakre Edson, Florence Worship Group (NPYM)

Author(s): C. Wess Daniels

Dear Friends: Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to refine and summarize some of my thinking as it pertains to the concepts of convergent Friends, remix, and renewing faith traditions. I worked to distill down some of the ideas that I think are most important, and I have put them together in an eBook to share with Friends. This book is complete with lots of pictures and illustrations that add to the reading experience. I wanted to share this book with all of you, to make it as... Read more.

Author(s): David Brietzmann

Dear Friends: On November 11, 2018, San Francisco Friends came to unity on holding a public meeting for worship every Wednesday at 5 PM at UN Plaza. Worship takes place across from the new “mobile command” police station. Worship lasts for 30 minutes and anyone moved by the Spirit is welcome to speak a Word, the same as our Sunday meeting for worship.

This is not a political protest, no one is to risk arrest. Instead, we sit in expectant worship to affirm our Peace Testimony. The... Read more.

Author(s): Maria Arrington

The following note was excerpted from a longer message. The original is published here in Western Friend’s online library.

Dear Friends: Our children today face everyday lives that are fraught with fear and emotional danger. Even as adults we live in a world where road rage and random mass shootings... Read more.

Author(s): Carlos Valentin III

Ten days a wisp of smoke
from one ancestral strum to the next
distant guitar on the horizon
stark like a city sunset.

After she had already fled tooth-plated umlaut
of barbed wire and bayonet crusted with old blood,
of gas chamber door’s guard-dog maw
and the boot-heel scuff of bone,
of so many she had loved down to dust
across leather bridge, wind through a ram’s broken horn,

she sat, atop a stack of decades, in silence... Read more.


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