Author(s): Zae Asa Illo
written by James Joyce
reviewed by Zae Illo

Many Friends are unaware that James Joyce included a Quaker librarian, Lyster, in Ulysses. As the Religious Society of Friends gropes out of its colorless stasis, Ulysses reminds us that Friends carry a cultural presence beyond the confines of minutes, meetings, and social concerns.  Even so,... Read more.

Author(s): Jim Anderson
A Word from the Lost
written by David Lewis
reviewed by Jim Anderson

Nayler – this name brings to mind, if not in much detail, the ride into Bristol and the quotation, “There is a spirit that I feel . . .” David Lewis’s book is a fine remedy for this common shortfall in knowledge about James Nayler. It is a brief but remarkably rich account of a Nayler text, Love to the Lost... Read more.

Author(s): Douglas V. Steere

We do not come alone to the meeting. For the needs of those within and without the meeting sit down with us . . . in the person of our bodies which connect us with the whole of the natural creation and every exchange of breath reveals our profound dependence on the rest of nature and discloses to us our responsibility for it. They sit down with us in the persons of those who actually sit with us, each of whom is the center of a world . . . and who yearns as I do for the great tendering, the... Read more.

Author(s): Zenaida Peterson

Quaker Voluntary Service (QVS) is an eleven-month service program for people aged 21-30 who are ready to enter into an experiment in community centered on Quaker values. Fellows have full-time social justice employment and participate in an intentional program of spiritual deepening. We are in our eighth year and have houses in Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia, Portland OR, and Minneapolis. I served as a Fellow in Boston in 2016-2017, and since then, I have been on staff as the Recruitment... Read more.

Author(s): Mary Klein
Author(s): Nancy Wood
Author(s): Mary Klein
Author(s): General Meeting of Friends in Mexico

To Friends in all the world:

On November 16 and 17, 2019, we met at the Evangelical Friends Church in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, to celebrate the 43rd session of the General Meeting of Friends in Mexico (Reunión General de los Amigos en México, RGAM). Ciudad Victoria Friends received us with love in their beautiful city and in their spiritual home, a Mexican Quaker church founded 148 years ago. The theme of our gathering was “Youth leadership and commitment with God.” ... Read more.

Author(s): Doug Smith

Dear Friends: One of our newer Reno Friends has brought a simple quarterly publication to my attention, and I think some Western Friend readers might find it of interest, either as readers or contributors. You can find it online under its title, What Canst Thou Say? ( It focuses on experiences we might consider Divine, in virtually any sense. One of the articles currently posted on the website was written by Bob Barns (Grass Valley FM), whom many of us... Read more.

Author(s): John van der Meer

Dear Editor: I am a white male who has enjoyed some reasonable advantages, earned by exploiting opportunities that are often denied inappropriately to people of another race or gender, and I have also experienced prejudice myself, based on less obvious classifications. Even so, systemic racism is a real problem, even if not all challenges faced by people of color are based on race.

Ruben Soliz’s “Seek to Truly See” in the September/October issue highlights a number of his experiences... Read more.


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