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In the Puritan and Calvinist cultures prevalent in 17th century Britain and America, children were believed to be born corrupted by “original sin”. Quakers rejected this doctrine, and Robert Barclay called it “an invented and unscriptural barbarism”. . . In an age when harsh punishments for children were the norm, Quaker parents rejected corporal punishment and used reason to appeal to their children. Today, the Quaker Peace Centre in South Africa conducts training for teachers on... Read more.

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From Sierra-Cascades Yearly Meeting of Friends:

Dear Friends: In the last issue of Western Friend, I described the formation of our new Sierra Cascade Yearly Meeting of Friends (SCYMF), which is both Christian and Quaker. It turns out that carrying both those identities at once is not easy. SCYMF was formed by... Read more.

Author(s): Lisa Yagoda
Author(s): Caroline Rackley, Aesop
Author(s): Lisa Yagoda
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Last summer I sat in circle of Friends at the annual retreat of the Quaker Religious Education Collaborative (QREC) and felt profoundly that I had come home to my people. It is gratifying to be with Friends who, like me, want to dedicate their time and energy to the religious education of our youngest Friends, starting from infancy. This has been my leading for the past decade – to nurture the youngest Friends among us.

Spending that weekend with Friends at... Read more.


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