Author(s): Stanford J. Searl Jr.

Recently, I visited Herndon Friends Meeting in northern Virginia. (I live in Culver City, California, and am Clerk of Santa Monica Friends Meeting). My wife and I were visiting two of our granddaughters, and I skipped away to attend worship.


I sat settling in the silence that followed the hymns we had sung prior to worship. I became absorbed in... Read more.

Author(s): Satori Asmatey-Stoll


Sky, Sky

Sky, sky
You are blue

The sun is out

Sky, sky
You are black

It awakens the stars

... Read more.


Author(s): Judy Ray



The bronze snub-nosed creature crouches,
cave-like mouth in a grin or grimace, gilt

sheened and adorned with jade. A tiny handle
atop and a hinge behind reveal it has a secret –... Read more.

Author(s): David Ray



And what did we see, high up there
in mosaics
but the old cousins, Beatrice, Edris, Alice
holding cups of gold, their haloes
awkward like the straw hats
they wore in the beanfields

David Ray, Pima Meeting, Tucson, AZ (IMYM)

Author(s): Bettina Raphael

In 1966, the small Quaker meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico, was bequeathed its current home, the historic house and garden of the painter Olive Rush. It is already an unlikely occurrence for a Quaker meeting to have a patron, and even more so, for the benefactor to be an artist, given Friends’ long history of disparaging the arts as frivolous and vain. Thus, Santa Fe Meeting’s relationship with our “patron” is unique and has been a source of pride, as well as... Read more.

Author(s): Chris Willard

Something about the process of capturing, editing, printing, and viewing images often leads me to think beyond the subject itself, to search what other meanings might be suggested by the subject matter, the lighting, the mood, or arrangement of items in the composition. When the process is internal, I think of it as offering visual queries. Sometimes, when I hang prints in the meetinghouse for others to see, I imagine the process as... Read more.

Author(s): Mary Klein

Love and truth spring forth in all times and all places – even in the hearts of chaos and corruption. We strive to follow the Good Way, but only in vain can we define it. Dust devils of DNA whirl down the generations, rampaging, making things new, making things fit, breaking eggs to make omelettes. To our surprise, we arrive in this life. Then we do our best to do the right thing, never really knowing all the good and all the damage we are causing.

In the 1650s, James Nayler was... Read more.

Author(s): Sara Keeney

In your Quaker meeting, you may have experienced events similar to these: a Friend doesn’t want to be on a committee with another Friend due to a past conflict; two Friends complain about a third party, whom they find to be impossible (yes, it does happen); a Friend speaks up in business meeting about a conflict that is going on, and no one responds or takes any follow-up action.

As Friends, many of us have worked with a variety of programs to learn and practice constructive ways of... Read more.

Author(s): D. Pablo Stanfield

When I first got involved in Friends Meetings, I was fortunate to have a number of role models and elders to guide my first steps into this society, which was foreign to the world I had known. I felt immediately that I was a Quaker and that I had been one for years before discovering a meeting. But learning the Quaker jargon took a while. Some of it seemed so natural because it fit so well, but some of it required absorbing new processes and new ways of looking at the community life. I did... Read more.


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