Author(s): Molly Wingate, Sandy Kewman, Lucretia Humphrey

Faith, Fear, and Our Future

Intermountain Yearly Meeting

June 9-16, 2019; Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, NM

Please come to the 2019 Annual Gathering of Intermountain Yearly Meeting, our last at Ghost Ranch near Abiquiu, New Mexico. The theme will be Faith, Fear, and Our Future. I hope you can come experience worship, fellowship, and business among Friends of all ages from Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas... Read more.

Author(s): Gretchen Reinhardt
Renewable: One Woman’s Search for Simplicity, Faithfulness, and Hope
Written by Eileen Flanagan
Reviewed by Gretchen Reinhardt

Intermountain Yearly Meeting’s book of Faith and Practice advises us that Friends’ faith is a living faith; and it provides us with queries, which if held up close, serve as mirrors to our internal “what is” and move us toward action in the... Read more.

Author(s): Natalie Ramsland
Before the Monsoon 
Written by Eleanor Dart
Reviewed by Natalie Ramsland

In the author statement that concludes Eleanor Dart’s latest book of poems, Before the Monsoon, Dart writes, “I don’t want to leave my writing buried in filing cabinets when I depart this life. Hence, this book.” I imagine her poems being rescued from papery depths, freed from the ponderous weight... Read more.

Author(s): Mary Klein
Author(s): Lisa Yagoda
Author(s): Lisa Yagoda
Author(s): Mary Klein

Activists chant, “Water is life.” Introductory chemistry teachers instruct, “Water is the universal solvent.” Because of water’s exceptional ability to dismember all sorts of materials – carbon-based molecules, metals, salts – as well as its ability to absorb all sorts of gases – paleontologists tend to assume that life on Earth began in a body of water. And although the Book of Genesis sees life as beginning on dry land on the third day, it sees God as attending to water on the first day. “... Read more.

Author(s): Tyger Wright

Dear Editor: I observe faithful Quakers often desire to travel to far countries by jet to follow their leadings. Surely there is merit in this, but how does that merit weigh against the harm to our atmosphere caused by jet emissions? Air travel harms our Earth, and jet emissions will contribute to the destruction of this world, which is not ours to harm. Please be mindful in the accomplishment of leadings. Look at transportation alternatives. Work locally or remotely if possible. Finally, if... Read more.

Author(s): Mary Beth Webster

Dear Editor: I am part of the Council of Elders, a volunteer organization in the Rogue Valley of southern Oregon, committed to promoting civil discourse. We started this organization after hearing about Better Angels (, a nation-wide organization that sprang up after the politically polarized  2016 elections. We invited them to do a workshop with us, which inspired my excitement and hope.

We recruited... Read more.

Author(s): Gail Thomas

I came to California and PYM over three years ago. PYM is my seventh yearly meeting. One of the delights for me of yearly meeting is wrestling with a seasoned minute brought forth by some group. Often I knew of the concern, sometimes had even agonized about the concern, but now there was a minute. Often it had passed through many hands as groups of people struggled to find the right words, the right tone, to state a truth that came from leadings of the Spirit. I have experienced the power of... Read more.


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