Author(s): Ann Birch

Dear Editor: The author of “Secrets in the Friendly Home” describes a life uncannily like the one would still be living without a late-life separation and divorce.

I think some of our Quaker practices may make it harder for us to imagine, let alone deal with, the suffering some Friends experience behind closed doors. We think the best of people. We see that of God in everyone. An abuser who cares deeply about others’ good opinion may find a Friends meeting an easy place to shine.... Read more.

Author(s): Susan Davenport

Dear Anonymous: This is to recognize your courage to write for the July/August issue, regarding the secret of your hidden life among Friends. Dear One, you are heard, your pain is acknowledged. You are not alone.

I do not mean to distract from your situation and, at the same time, I want ask all of us in the Society of Friends:

What is happening in the Society of Friends in the 21st Century that a Quaker would be living in emotional subjection and oppressive conditions with... Read more.

Author(s): Billy Jivetti

Dear Friends: My story, “48 Windows,” ran in Western Friend, May/June 2020. Through the readership, I received donations from twenty individuals and one Meeting – Kalamazoo Friends Meeting in Michigan. With your support, we raised about $4,000, enough for thirty windows that have now been fitted.

Work on the windows could not have come at a more opportune time. Kenya’s COVID-19 left many Kaimosi families without work or income. Many had only one meal a day. About fifty... Read more.

Author(s): Mary Klein

Regarding the July/August 2020 issue: Roni Burrows is not a member of Tempe Friends Meeting. Susan Cozzens is a member of Eastside Friends Meeting in Bellevue, WA.  ~~~

Author(s): Kenya Casanova-Sales
Building Bridges: a keynote talk by Kenya Casanova-Sales to North Pacific Yearly Meeting, July 23, 2020

[The following text was excerpted from Kenya Casanova-Sales’s complete keynote talk, which is published at:]

The word “pontifex” is a title given to the Pope, the maximum authority of the Catholic Church. This word means builder of bridges. As Quakers... Read more.

Author(s): Sue Brooks

The International Friends School (IFS) has a guiding spirit. This spirt teaches us, ultimately, that consistent renewals of joyfulness and love provide the sturdiest framework for everything we will experience in life. The smallest acts of love and joy – pulling beets, helping someone after a bike scrape, hanging towels to dry in the sun with a friend – are meaningful. Together with other gestures, behaviors, and practices, these have the power to change the world, as they multiply and... Read more.

Author(s): Jonathan Betz-Zall
Facilitating Group Learning
by George Lakey
reviewed by Jonathan Betz-Zall

Adults learn best through well-managed conflict, especially in multicultural groups, says George Lakey, one of the most prominent practitioners of satyagraha – the force of truth as the universe arcs toward justice. Originally published in 2010, this second edition of Lakey’s pathbreaking book appears to... Read more.

Author(s): Mary Klein

Humans cannot actually view reality from a god’s-eye perspective, despite all the scriptures that have been written by some to help direct others in the name of God. At most, humans can intuit glimmers of insights that might align with a god’s-eye view. Consider the lilies of the field. The god’s-eye view continuously perceives and cherishes the individual agency of each and every creature in the cosmos, animate and inanimate. The god’s-eye view honors the spider in the corner and... Read more.

Author(s): Allison Kirkegaard

In moving from Claremont to Los Angeles this year, one of the hardest transitions has been to try to get used to the little signs that my new neighbors post in front of their houses: PROTECTED BY XXX SECURITY SYSTEM – ARMED RESPONSE. After ten months, I still flinch each time I see these signs. They weigh on my heart as constant reminders that we don’t quite trust each other, that we’re not quite ready to be in community.

And they weigh especially heavily on my heart because I’ve... Read more.


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