Author(s): Cindy Yurth
The Book of Pro-s
written by Nancy Marshall
reviewed by Cindy Yurth

There are plenty of things to be upset about in today’s world. But, as Nancy Hicks Marshall argues in her latest work, The Book of Pro-s: An Alphabetical Chat about Things We Like (that’s pro-, as in the opposite of anti-), there are still plenty of things to like. In alphabetical order, from “accuracy... Read more.

Author(s): Rob Pierson
Long Distance Walking in New Mexico and Colorado
written by Rebecca J. Henderson
reviewed by Rob Pierson

What is the line that separates walking from pilgrimage?  When does a journey cross over from... Read more.

Author(s): William Caton

And hence came the worthy family [of Judge Thomas and Margaret Fell] to be so renowned in the nation, the fame of which spread so much among Friends. And the power and the presence of the Lord being so much there with us, it was a means to induce many, even from far, to come thither, so that at one time there would have been Friends out of five or six counties . . . I was cherished and encouraged in the way of life by my entirely beloved friend Margaret Fell, who as a tender-hearted nursing-... Read more.

Author(s): Shannon Fagen
Author(s): Lisa Yagoda
Author(s): Mary Klein
Author(s): Muriel Strand

Dear Editor:

This Friend is puzzled by some of the comments in the “Friends of Color Epistle” in the July/August issue. The epistle reads, “We go to meeting to find spiritual nourishment, but have to find extra spaces where we are culturally nourished as well.” This Friend would appreciate clarification of the “cultural nourishment” that Friends of color are seeking. The epistle continues: “Our gathering and worship this weekend [at Quaker Center] made it clear to us that we must... Read more.

Author(s): Marian Rhys

Dear Editor:

Thanks to Anna Fritz for so eloquently expressing her frustrations with having to put so much energy into marketing, when her real calling is her work, her wonderful music. To some extent, this is the perennial angst of all artists, but in other ways it is a new phenomenon in cyberspace. I also much appreciated the epistle from the Friends of Color. I agree that we need to provide resources for this subgroup of Friends, just as we have for other subgroups. I remember,... Read more.


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